10 Health Reasons to Cram Tomatoes into Your Diet

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, most of us just buy into the fact that they are healthy for us and barely question it. Most of the time, we don’t stop and think about the specific benefits – just accept that they are good for our overall health.

health benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes are something that actually don’t receive that much coverage. When you consider some of the immense health advantages that these juicy vegetables contain, it borders on the unbelievable that so few sources name them as one of your go-to vegs.

Before we delve into the direct advantages, let’s firstly take a look at some hard facts which are behind tomatoes. This is a vegetable which contains some of the most important nutrients around and if we were to break this down into specifics, we’d be left with the following:

  • 34% of vitamin C
  • 24% of biotin
  • 16% of vitamin K
  • 12% of copper
  • 9% of fiber

As such, it goes without saying that these are exceptionally nutrient-rich vegetables that shouldn’t be undermined.

Bearing the above in mind, here’s the lowdown on ten areas of your life tomatoes will benefit. Considering the vast amount of recipes that can take advantage of tomatoes – it certainly makes for interesting reading.


They can help fight cancer

tomatoes fight cancer

We’ll start with one of the most common benefits; one that is often associated with many fruits and vegetables.

Tomatoes don’t sit outside this category and due to the Lycopene which is contained within them, you will automatically decrease the chances of contracting various conditions including prostate, throat, mouth, colon, stomach and cervical cancer.

As well as the Lycopene, the presence of vitamin A and vitamin C means that your body is able to fight free radicals and prevent the cell damage which is linked to cancer.


You’ll have better skin

tomatoes give you a better skin men

Perhaps a surprising benefit is that tomatoes will improve the condition of your skin. For men out there who are looking to achieve this, without plastering on all sorts of topical creams, this is pretty invaluable.

The reason behind this benefit centers around the Beta-carotene which is contained within tomatoes. This substance is able to protect against any UV damage.

This is crucially important when you consider that damage from the sun is often linked to the lines and wrinkles on your face.


Your hair will benefit as well

tomatoes benefit men hair

For the average guy, this is a benefit that perhaps isn’t as important as how the opposite sex view it as. Nevertheless, if you can be blessed with healthier hair – it’s certainly not a benefit you’re going to turn down.

When we talk about hair of this description, we’re really referring to that which is shiny, strong and in short, just looks good.

As we’ve already touched upon, tomatoes contain large amounts of vitamin A. As this vitamin is proven to make your hair stronger – we don’t really need to say any more about how it’s going to impact you.


They can strengthen your bones

tomatoes makes bones strong

This is going to be particularly crucial if you’re starting to suffer from bone-related conditions, such as osteoporosis, or if you just want to safeguard against such problems as you age.

Tomatoes aren’t often associated with bones, but the fact they contain high amounts of calcium and vitamin K means that they can strengthen them significantly. Additionally, if you have experienced some form of injury to your bones, they have been proven to help them repair.

We should also give another mention to Lycopene here – as this has been scientifically shown to improve bone mass. Specifically, this is the substance that will help with your osteoporosis if you are suffering as well.


They can aid your sight

tomatoes aid your vision

We’ve spoken about vitamin A a lot through this piece and it’s worthy of another mention in this section. This is a vitamin which has been associated with improved vision and suffice to say, with tomatoes containing an abundance of it, your eyes are going to benefit as well.

Another interesting fact regarding tomatoes and eyesight relates to their effect on macular degeneration. This is one of the few irreversible eye conditions out there, so the fact that tomatoes can reduce the risk of you contracting this speaks volumes about just how much good they can do to your eyes.


Reverse the perils of smoking

tomatoes reverses smoking damage

Ok, perhaps we’re over-egging this benefit slightly – but there is some evidence to suggest that tomatoes can repair at least some of the damage which may have been caused from smoking.

There is plenty of science behind these thoughts as well. The vegetables contain coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid which are both able to protect the body from carcinogens. As we all know, carcinogens are what occur from cigarettes, so it’s a significant benefit.

There have also been stories that tomatoes can help people quit smoking – although the science behind such claims is slightly blurred.


Put a stop to chronic pains

tomatoes cure chronic pain

Whether its arthritis or just basic back pains, yet another benefit of tomatoes is that the vegetables can help you overcome this. It might sound too good to be true, but the make-up of these vegetables means that there is plenty of science to back up the claims.

Tomatoes are made up of bioflavonoids and carotenoids, which are both regarded as very good substances which can battle inflammation.

Considering the fact that the majority of chronic pain occurs because of inflamed areas of the body, this seems a simple way to overcome it and help your life become a little more normal again.


You can balance out your blood sugar levels

tomatoes can balance your blood sugar

With junk food on the rise, it’s no surprise that more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes and other issues related to a spike in insulin levels.

As you may have gathered, tomatoes can help overcome this. They contain high amounts of chromium, which has been found to help you regulate your blood sugar levels.

If you can balance these levels out, you are also more likely to regulate your appetite and perhaps not binge as much. Ultimately, you may consume fewer calories – and lose weight.


Benefit your cardiovascular system

tomatoes benefit your cardiovascular system

For years, many of us have lived by the premise of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, there’s every chance that this might soon switch to tomatoes – particularly amongst those of you who have a cardiovascular system in a poor state of health.

Once again, lycopene is seemingly coming to the rescue, with this said to lower the chances of you contracting cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, this isn’t some pie in the sky sort of idea, official studies have been conducted which prove the theory.

It was shown that those people who are already struggling with cardiovascular problems required fewer visits to the doctor when they started to consume a tomato every day.


Prevent kidney stones and gallstones

tomatoes are good for kidney stones

Finally, another benefit which is associated with tomatoes is their ability to seemingly prevent issues such as kidney stones and gallstones from occurring.

This is an area which just basic research has been conducted, with the results highlighting that those who consume more tomatoes were less likely to contract said problems.

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