Elle Macphersons Super Elixir Alternatives – The Best Super Greens Powders Available

If you’ve kept a close ear to the ground in the supplements industry over recent times you will have most probably heard plenty about The Super Elixir.

macpherson super elixir media

In short, this is a super green supplement developed by none other than Elle Macpherson.

The Macpherson-factor alone should be enough to shift boatloads of the Super Elixir – and in truth, it probably has. But there’s more.

As well as the Macpherson branding, experts have found out just how powerful these green supplements are. It means that Macpherson’s product isn’t the only one donning shelves, there are several other alternatives.

Bearing this in mind, we’ll now take a look at the ins and outs of super green supplements, what all the hype about The Super Elixir is and if there are any worthwhile alternatives to this supposedly ‘magic’ product.


Firstly, what are super green supplements?

fruits and vegetables and anti oxidants

Most countries have now bought into the ‘5 a day’ philosophy – whereby a healthy person really should be consuming five fruits and vegetables a day.

There’s a problem with this though; most of us just don’t have the time to prepare these foods and consume such a quantity of them in a 24-hour period.

It means that our bodies immediately start to lack essential ingredients.

This is where alkalizing super greens supplements enter the equation. They contain the equivalent of these natural fruits and vegetables, but in tablet, capsule or powder-form.

In other words, it means you can consume the recommended daily allowance without breaking sweat.


How do they benefit your body?

alkalize your body

We’re told that our bodies need all of these vegetables, but how exactly is this going to benefit us?

The problem with most of us is our existing diet, which is far too acidic. As basic science dictates, when there’s too much acid a PH imbalance occurs.

It’s worth mentioning that foods such as proteins, dairies and grains are all acidic – it’s not just the usual suspects here that can affect you.

Vegetables on the other hand are alkaline – meaning that we need a lot more of them in our diet to balance out this equation.

By doing this, we can prevent the tiredness, lack of focus and nasty food cravings that an acidic PH body can create.


What is The Super Elixir?

the super elixir

So, now’s the time to introduce The Super Elixir.

As we’ve already touched upon, this is a product which was developed by A-list celebrity Elle Macpherson.

The product contains no fewer than forty five ingredients, all of which are designed with the aim of providing your body with more alkaline-goodness – and boosting your overall health as a result.

As well as containing all of this goodness, Macpherson also worked with experts to provide a natural sweetness. The marketing spiel is that this means it’s great for kids but in truth, any person is going to adore the taste as well.


Why has The Super Elixir created such a commotion?

macpherson super elixir

Elle Macpherson is a huge name; she’s one of the biggest celebrities around. It means that anything that she does release is immediately thrown straight in front of the media and on this occasion, they seem to have gobbled it up.

Countless press articles have covered The Super Elixir, all of which cannot get over just how many benefits it brings to the body.

Not only have the big media outlets covered this product, but they’ve also produced spin-off articles which focus on the likes of Kate Moss and Cheyenne Tozzi – both of which who credit their dashing looks and body to the Super Elixir.

Considering the fact that doctors have also got in on the act and endorsed the supplement, the Super Elixir really has benefited from sterling coverage from absolutely every press angle possible.


Are there any downsides to this product?

is super elixir expensive

Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the ‘perfect’ product (if there ever was such a thing).

Perhaps unsurprisingly when you consider the immense press coverage, the Super Elixir retails at an eye-watering price for most people.

It’s on the market for around $96 (112 Euros) and despite its obvious benefits, this is just too much to pay for the majority of the general public.


Are there any alternatives available?

best super elixir alternatives

The coverage that has lauded the Super Elixir with compliments has probably hindered its sales somewhat as well.

After all, this has opened up the alkalizing green supplements industry and now many other manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and are releasing similar products.

Technically, the differences between the Super Elixir and these products are minimal. The price is where the similarities stop though, with many of the rival brands offering supplements at a fraction of the cost.

With the market becoming somewhat flooded with these supplements, we thought we’d set the record straight and list three that are seen as the serious competitors to The Super Elixir.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, here are some that you could consider.


The Best Overall – SuperGreens by Yourbiology

Supergreens by Yourbiology

The first product is SuperGreens by YourBiology. This is the most recent super greens supplement out of the three we are suggesting, but the fact it is made by YourBiology means that it has a big advantage in the industry. Here’s the breakdown:

  • SuperGreens by YourBiology Organic Superfood is a powder-based super green product, meaning that the days of freshly preparing vegetables are long gone. Simply mix the powder with a liquid and consume like you would any other drink. It’s that easy.
  • This powder doesn’t contain any old ingredient or fillers, either. Instead, it’s only the most beneficial vegetables and vitamins that are included. Think barley grass, beetroot, apple protein amongst a whole host of other components.
  • The way in which these ingredients are prepared puts SuperGreens by YourBiology ahead of a lot of products as well. They go through a cold-drying process, which retains their natural goodness and means that consuming them in their powder form is just as beneficial as if you had freshly cooked them yourself.
  • Unlike some supplements, it doesn’t matter what your eating principles are. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian, SuperGreens by YourBiology is suited to the masses.
  • SuperGreens by YourBiology is currently available for around $69, making it significantly cheaper than The Super Elixir.
  • It might be cheaper, but let’s add another point about the brand. YourBiology are a huge player in the supplements industry; they have been behind umpteen successful products and the evidence suggests that SuperGreens by YourBiology could quickly become part of this group.

Read our full SuperGreens by YourBiology SuperFood review


Learn more – SuperGreens by YourBiology Official Website


The Best Value – Super Greens Powder By Evolution Slimming (Discontinued)

supergreens powder evolution slimming

Update July 2023 – This product has been discontinued

The next alternative comes in the form of Super Greens powder. Once again, it’s a big brand attached to this product, with Evolution Slimming boasting a sterling reputation in the world of natural supplements. Here’s the lowdown on Super Greens:

  • Containing seventeen different fruits, vegetables and antioxidants, it would be fair to say that the manufacturers really have gone all-out when putting together Super Greens powder.
  • All of these different ingredients mean that the days of your body lacking sufficient alkaline-based foods are long-gone. Simply mix the powder with 200ml of water and guzzle down – there’s no washing, chopping and cooking of vegetables here.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are a vegetarian or vegan – Super Greens powder is suitable for practically anyone.
  • On that note it’s worth mentioning that there are no “filler ingredients” – every component is natural and this means that the days of side effects are over.
  • While there might seem to be a lot of similarities with Super Greens powder and The Super Elixir, the big way in which the products differ is with the price. At $62, Super Greens powder is an absolute bargain when compared against Elle Macpherson’s product.
  • Just like Organic Superfood, a low price doesn’t at all mean that this product shouldn’t be trusted. YourBiology are big, but so are Evolution Slimming. With an offline presence and years of experience, they know what they are doing when it comes to supplements.

Update July 2023 – This product has been discontinued

Learn more – Official SuperGreens Powder Website


The Cheapest – Green SuperFood By Amazing Grass

green superfood by amazing grass

The final viable alternative we have found is Green SuperFood, made by Amazing Grass. Here’s what we found when we looked at this product in detail:

  • As you’ve already seen, all of the alternatives to The Super Elixir cost much less to purchase. Green Superfood is the cheapest of the three though, with this being priced at just $21.99 for a starter pack.
  • If we stick on the topic of finance, there’s the scope to make bigger savings if you buy Green SuperFood in bulk. The manufacturers will knock 25% off your total cost if you opt to buy nine packages in one go. It means that the difference in price between Green SuperFood and The Super Elixir is immense.
  • Once again, the low price isn’t reflected with a low quality product. It still includes countless vegetables in an easy-to-consume format, allowing you to get your daily dose of alkaline-foods in one, fell swoop.
  • Green Superfood does differ to the previous products with the method of consumption though. This time, it’s capsule-based, meaning that you don’t even have to mix a powder with water. Simply swallow a capsule, in accordance with the dosage instructions – and you’ve just fine-tuned your diet to perfection.
  • The capsule-element of Green SuperFood doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to the results. Your immune system will still benefit, your nasty cravings will reduce, your energy will increase, while you will probably notice a spark in concentration levels as well.
  • Just like all of the products we have looked at, there is a big brand-factor here. The company behind Green SuperFood is Amazing Grass and having donned the supplements industry since 2002, they have well and truly beaten the test of time.

Learn more – Official Green SuperFood Website

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