How to Reverse Infertility & Get Her Pregnant – The Best Natural Supplements to Boost Male Fertility

It’s meant to be one of the happiest times of a man’s life, so when it doesn’t happen it’s not surprising to hear that a lot of us start to get very worried.

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Unfortunately, as much as it might seem as though most of your friends are busy becoming fathers, it’s certainly not a foregone conclusion for every man on the planet.

The good news is that while it can be more difficult for some men to get their partner’s pregnant than others, research over the years means that the field is much more understood.


Scientists now fully understand the reasons why some men are just not as fertile as others and this means it’s much easier to work towards a resolution.

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When we talk about some of these reasons, you might be surprised at just what can get in the way of you becoming a father.

Therefore, the remainder of this guide will tell you exactly what can help you become more fertile, as well as the issues that might stop you in your tracks.


Does age affect your fertility?

aged man

First and foremost, let’s get one of the most frequently asked questions out of the way. Age does affect fertility and the general rule is that the younger you are, the more chance you have of conceiving.

Studies have revealed that men will experience their “most fertile years” during their early twenties.

It’s not until they hit 40 where fertility tends to decline somewhat, although it’s worth mentioning that a lot of men are still capable of having children beyond the age of 50. It’s just that the chances are reduced somewhat.


What steps can you take to protect your fertility?

steps to take to reverse infertility

One could pen a whole dissertation on how you can protect your fertility, it’s actually quite worrying to see how many different ways there are to preserve it.

Here are just some of the ways you can preserve yours:

  • Avoid STIs: A lot of press coverages will focus on how STIs mainly affect females from a fertility perspective, but studies have shown that they can hamper male fertility as well. Therefore, if you have had unprotected sex with a partner who may have been carrying an STI, you should see your doctor.
  • Smoking: Perhaps unsurprisingly, smoking is another reason why men may not be fertile. It has been found that those men who do smoke risk damaging their sperm.
  • Alcohol: Again, a lot of the emphasis in the press is how dangerous it is for women to drink whilst attempting to conceive, or whilst being pregnant. What a lot of people fail to realize is that men who drink more than three units a day have a higher risk of damaging their sperm.


Can your clothing impact your fertility questions?

boxers for men and fertility

This might sound a ridiculous question, which is why we have placed it in its own sub-section of this guide. As daft as it might sound, what you wear ‘downstairs’ can influence exactly how fertile you are.

There is of course method to this supposed madness. The point that experts have attempted to make is that the temperature of your scrotal has a direct impact on the quality of your sperm.

Therefore, if you insist on wearing tight underwear, there’s a chance that this temperature will increase and your sperm quality could suffer as a result.

Therefore, to veer on the side of caution, it’s worth wearing loose fitting underwear that isn’t going to heat things up downstairs.

On that note, try and avoid any unnecessary heat to your body – whether it’s hot tubs, steam rooms or anything else along these lines. These can also impact the scrotal temperature and the effects can last for several months at a time.


Can your diet boost your fertility levels?

natural diet to increase fertility for men

This is a subject which tends to split health experts down the middle. On one hand some believe that diet can play a part in fertility, while on the other some believe that it doesn’t.

Nevertheless, there is sufficient evidence out there that some foods will promote healthier sperm due to their properties.

For example, fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of antioxidants and it’s generally believed that they can help to produce much healthier sperm.

If we were to hone in on a few other individual foods that can boost the chances of conception, some sources believe that the following can have an impact:

  • Zinc: This is known to improve the health of your sperm, whilst increasing your testosterone levels.
  • Magnesium: A university study concluded that a man’s hormonal health can be improved via magnesium.
  • Selenium: A separate study found that selenium can make your sperm 50% more mobile – which is again another indication on how it can improve your fertility.


When should you seek help?

when to seek hel if infertility

The general advice is that if you are struggling to conceive, you should look to seek help after about a year of trying.

Some sources might also suggest that if you are having “regular” unprotected sex, this might be another signal to seek expert attention.

This expert attention usually comes in the form of a visit to your doctor, although some men may also turn to external aids which we are about to come onto.


Are there any products that can make the process easier?

best fertility supplements

As we touched upon initially, scientists have become much more aware about fertility and there is now a deeper understanding on what causes it.

It means that there are products out there that can help men overcome fertility problems.

Some of the biggest advancements in this regard come in the form of supplements, with many of these boasting properties which are able to encourage sperm production and subsequently increase the chances of conception.

It would be fair to say that there are two products in particular that stand out in this regard, with these coming in the form of FertiliForm and MobilityBoost.

To highlight exactly what sort of products the market offers, we’ll now take an in-depth look at both of these supplements through the remainder of this guide.


FertiliForm – What You Need to Know

FertiliForm for men review

  • FertiliForm isn’t some sort of ‘fake’ product, it has been devised by people who know what they are doing. When we speak about ‘these people’, we’re actually referring to real doctors who have designed the supplement.
  • FertiliForm is an especially easy product to consume. Merely take two capsules with a glass of water and watch your fertility levels rise.
  • The product has been especially popular (and successful) for men who thought that their chances of naturally conceiving were long gone. A lot of the feedback suggests that even those guys with low sperm counts have been able to beat the odds courtesy of FertiliForm.
  • It costs just $27.99 for a one month supply of the product, with this being significantly cheaper than any doctor-led course of action which could even result in surgery.
  • The product is based on a completely natural blend of ingredients. This means that there are absolutely no side effects to your body.
  • The main way in which FertiliForm works is by managing your stress and ultimately, lowering your cortisol levels. It’s been found that high levels of this substance reduce your testosterone and mobility in sperm. The product can resolve both of these problems in one fell swoop.
  • As well as the low price, it’s also possible to buy this product without any risk to your pocket whatsoever. The manufacturers have attached a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. Some would suggest that if your other half doesn’t come pregnant within this time, you could claim your refund!
  • Having been around since 2008, it would be fair to say that VH Nutrition know what they are doing. The team behind them have immense experience and this is the main reason they have survived the test of time.

Buy FertiliForm


MotilityBoost – What You Need to Know

motilityboost for men review

  • The product isn’t something that is going to take an age to get used to. Each bottle contains around sixty capsules and as you consume just two a day, it’s not going to play with your day-to-day schedule at all.
  • MotilityBoost addresses one of the principal problems behind male fertility; sperm motility. In other words, the product will help your sperm ‘propel’ itself towards the egg and improve the chances of conception no-end.
  • The way it achieves this is by reducing the oxidative stress in your body and therefore improving the health of your sperm. Unsurprisingly, when your sperm are ‘healthier’, they are able to have that increased motility that we’ve just spoken about.
  • If we drill further down into the product, the ingredients that are used in MotilityBoost have extensive research behind them. For example, Coenzyme Q10 has been found to protect against damage to fats – which happen to be a key part of sperm cells. Elsewhere, Quercetin has been known to increase sperm count. The list could go on – these components have been found to boost sperm health significantly.
  • The ingredients might have plenty of research behind them, but another benefit is where they come from. They’re not synthetic components; they’re completely natural. What this means is that they won’t cause any adverse reactions to your body whatsoever.
  • As well as having the science behind it, MotilityBoost also happens to have some stunning feedback from past customers. Funnily enough its women who are some of the biggest advocates, with many females so grateful and suggesting that the product has helped them conceive courtesy of their partner’s improved fertility.
  • MotilityBoost retails even cheaper than the previous product and it is currently available for $19.99. Additionally, it competes with an identical 60-day money-back guarantee – for those of you who want to protect your pocket.
  • Just like the previous product, the brand behind MotilityBoost are hugely renowned and know what they are doing. Fairhaven Health are the real deal; they have an immense catalogue of products and the fact that over 50,000 people like them on social media says everything about their reputation.

Buy MotilityBoost

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