How to Straighten Your Penis & Treat Peyronie’s Disease

They say size matters, but ask the typical woman what they really look for in a man and performance will always trump girth and length. Knowing exactly what to do with your penis is much more important and can ultimately, create better results for her.

does penis look matter

Bearing the above in mind, there’s nothing worse for a man than having a curved penis. It immediately hinders his performance and makes it almost impossible during intercourse to satisfy those sensations that women just love to experience.

Unfortunately, curved penises are more prevalent than you might first imagine. A condition called Peyronie’s disease has become more common and to highlight just what it is, and how you can beat it, we’ll now take a look at the problem in more detail.


What Exactly is Peyronie’s disease?

In short, Peyronie’s disease is a condition which causes scarring amongst the tissues inside the penis shaft. Ultimately, this causes the penis to become curved and not only does this affect a man’s performance, but erections can also become hugely painful due to the pressure on the scarred tissue.

peyronies disease vs normal curvature

In fact, in some cases it’s not been unknown for erections to become almost impossible, while even in the mildest scenarios sex is just too painful to even consider.

Unfortunately, Peyronie’s disease is something that medical experts are struggling to understand.

No official cause has been discovered, although the general consensus is that blood vessel damage prompts the body’s immune system to attack leaked blood around the penis, and subsequently produce the scaring.


Are There Any Treatment Options Available?

At the moment, the most popular treatments appear to arrive in the form of stretching devices. While various oral medicines are available, doctors generally believe that the best approach is to “exercise” the penis into shape.

In terms of specific products, the Peyronie’s Device is the market leader at the present time. This is also used to treat men who have a curved penis, but don’t necessarily suffer from Peyronie’s disease, making it a really versatile contraption.

peyronies device logo

To highlight just how this, and most other stretching devices work to beat the disease, we’ll now have a look at the product in more detail.


How Does The Peyronie’s Device Work?

The reason why your penis is bent is, in simple terms, because one side is shorter than the other. This is where the Peyronie’s Device comes in; with the contraption aiming to increase the “shorter side” so it catches up and ultimately straightens your penis.


It’s all based on traction technology and this isn’t something which is a fad, or a recent phenomenon, it’s actually a concept which has been around for years. It initially targeted the arms and legs, before researchers discovered that the same principles could correct a bent penis which is how the Peyronie’s Device came to light.

peyronies device extender

The device is strapped to your penis, before it gradually looks to stretch that “shorter” side until it catches up with the other. It focusses on duplicating the amount of cells on that shorter side, which will eventually allow that side of the penis to become that little bit straighter.


Why is The Peyronie’s Device Better Than Other Options on The Market?

Unsurprisingly, this is an industry which is growing immensely. A recent study suggested that up to 9% of men could be suffering from Peyronie’s Device, meaning that countless manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and attempting to profit from the condition.


However, through our research, we found that the Peyronie’s Device was considerably better than all of these. The product benefits from the following:

  • While some products might claim to perform the same task as the Peyronie’s Device, none of them boast the comfort factor that this one has. It includes something called the “Perfect Grip System”, meaning that the contraption fits to the penis like a glove and doesn’t cause any sort of discomfort.
  • The Peyronie’s device has been endorsed by doctors and clinical trials. In terms of the trials, one study found that the testing group saw an improvement on their penis shape up to 20 degrees. The conclusion was that this contraption was much more effective than any other types of medication that is sometimes recommended.
  • The product doesn’t necessarily have to correct the “straightest” bend out there. It can be adjusted to place more emphasis upwards, downwards and to the left and right – meaning that it can resolve any sort of curved penis.
  • While oral medication isn’t seen as effective as the device itself, the manufacturers do provide three different supplements to compliment the treatment and to maximise the results for you.
  • Quite incredibly for a product of this type, the manufacturers have also included a generous six month money-back guarantee. It means that even if you are one of the few people who don’t experience an improvement, you can still try the product for no financial risk.

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