Jac Vapour Electronic Cigarettes For Men – How to Quit Smoking Using E-cigs

Many centuries ago nothing was more fashionable than a man lighting a cigarette. Now, it’s a complete turn-off and every year millions of males attempt to kick the habit into touch.

quit smoking with e-cigs

The good news is that in comparison to women, it’s slightly easier to give up for men. While the ladies struggle to ditch the social advantages, which including smoking with friends and the like, men don’t hold this regret. Instead, the main issue is getting over that dreaded nicotine addiction.

Premature Ending: “If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should.”

Premature Ending: “If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should.”

Fortunately, it can be done, and millions of men every year prove that it’s completely possible. If you are in the group who are sat on the fence, read on to discover our top tips for throwing that cigarette packet away for one last time…


Tips to Quit Smoking

Tailor Your Diet

selec your diet to quit smoking

In reality, every single man who has successfully given up smoking most probably has their own lists of food which they recommend to curb the cravings. However, there are certain ones which are more reliable than others. For example, it’s understood that just the scent of dried fruit can drive those cravings away.

As we said at the start of the article, the nicotine addiction is the big problem amongst males so anything that can ease this is worth considering.

If you are to go down the diet route, salty products can also work a charm. Chips and pickles might not sound the most delicious concoction, but the amount of salt in these foods just makes the tongue think twice about the taste of a cigarette.


The Magic Formula: Baking Soda

baking soda

A lot of ingredients are classed as a “magic formula” when it comes to helping you quit smoking, but there is evidence to suggest that baking soda really does work.

Again, it’s all about reducing that awful nicotine craving – the one that makes so many men struggle to ditch smoking for good.

The science behind baking soda shows how it increases the pH in urine, which will subsequently slow the elimination of any nicotine present. This will make you less likely to crave nicotine, especially if you follow the practice three times a day.


Keep The Stress Levels Down

stressed man

We’re not going to speculate on the exact reason why you smoke, but one of the key reasons for a lot of men is because the nicotine relieves their stress levels.

As such, it can be difficult to quit and return to that life where you seem to be carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. This means that you should be looking to address your stress levels via alternative methods, whether it’s a massage or even something like yoga.


Kick The Habit Using Electronic Cigarettes

It goes without saying that anybody who wants to kick smoking into touch has to be persistent and have great willpower. The above tips will help you immensely, but whether or not they are going to prove successful for every man out there remains to be seen.

Some cravings are stronger than others, and some men just don’t have that natural urge to quit. It’s for this reason that e-cigarettes are emerging as something of a life-saver (and we meant that literally).

Previously, it was half-hearted alternatives such as nicotine patches that had to be used, but e-cigs are making life a lot more bearable and ultimately convenient for those that are seasoned smokers.

The market for e-cigarettes has exploded over the last few years and there are hoards of products open to consumers. During our research, we found that Jac Vapour was one of the most well-known brands in the industry and to give an outlook on just what their e-cigarettes can do for you, here’s a brief breakdown on what they provide.

jac vapour


man jac vapour 1

man jac vapour 2

man jac vapour 3

The Breakdown on Jac Vapour

  • Jac Vapour allows you to control the way in which you give up traditional cigarettes. Each of their products contains varied amounts of nicotine, meaning that you can gradually adjust your intake and curb the addiction that plagues so many men.
  • By smoking cigarettes that contain less nicotine, it goes without saying that you’re going to benefit your health. Over time, you won’t feel the need to smoke as much, and your reliance on cigarettes will gradually dwindle.
  • The products will also allow you to save a considerable amount of money. Rather than smoking, buying, then rinsing and repeating, you will have the same cigarette for prolonged periods of time. The rechargeable nature means that you rarely have to invest in your habit.
  • A man smoking a cigar used to present something of a classy image, but a man smoking a cigarette is the complete opposite. The e-cigarettes, particularly from Jac Vapour, have restored some elegance into the practice though and you’ll now appear to be one of the more sophisticated smokers at the bar.
  • There’s every chance that you will enjoy smoking that little bit more, with Jac Vapour releasing numerous flavours to tickle the tongue. Vanilla, bubble gum and strawberry are all possibilities, and the beauty about it all is that you can interchange the flavours at your leisure.


The Cons of Jac Vapour

  • It can be difficult to know what size e-cigarette to purchase, with the size usually correlating to the battery life.
  • It will cost you more than the packet of standard cigarettes, but the e-cig will last you much longer.

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