Get Healthy – The Best Cholesterol Lowering Supplements For Men

Cholesterol is something that we’ve all been pushed to read about; it’s a word that seems to be included in every diet booklet under the sun.

However, this hasn’t stopped more than 70% of men having high levels of the substance in their body – and this is where the problem begins.

foods containing cholesterol

It can actually be perfectly fine to have high levels of cholesterol in the human body – but this only applies to certain types.

Aptly named “good cholesterol”, this focusses on the substance that is carried away from the cells and out of the body as waste.

For the purposes of this article, we won’t refer to this again (although for those of you who wish to read up more, search for high-density lipoprotein).


What we are going to concentrate our efforts on is low density lipoprotein – which is the substance which we need as little as possible of. When you start to accumulate high levels of LDL, it builds up around your artery walls.

Over time, this can cause umpteen health conditions, which we will delve into later.


As the previous sentence bluntly highlighted, it’s crucially important that we have as little bad cholesterol in our body as possible. We’ll now look at why exactly this is the case, and what you can do to prevent the build-up.


Why are men susceptible to high cholesterol levels?

In actual fact, it doesn’t really matter what sex you are – men and women are just as likely to suffer from cholesterol problems.

It’s all based around your lifestyle choices and if you are a man who eats poorly and doesn’t exercise, you’ll be on a fast track to a cholesterol-related condition.

In terms of the former, eating foods which are full of saturated fats is one of the primary causes and if your diet is largely comprised of such components, you are putting yourself at risk.

foods contaning bad cholesterol


What are the dangers associated with high cholesterol levels?

Bearing the above in mind, why is it so dangerous for a man to have such high cholesterol levels? Unfortunately, the reasons stem from countless medical studies. All have confirmed that higher levels of cholesterol correlate with a lot of serious heart conditions, including strokes.

The medical reason is that the build-up of the substance restricts the amount of blood that is normally able to circulate around your body without any hindrances.

This immediately increases the risk of heart conditions, while blood clots are likely as well.

The risks are multiplied in some instances as well. For example, if you are a smoker or have a family history of heart disease, the chances of any of the above conditions occurring increase tremendously.

Additionally, if you have any current conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, you are classed as a high risk.

cholesterol and heart disease

Cholesterol & Heart Disease



Are there ways to lower cholesterol levels?

If you’ve read up until this point in the guide, you will probably already have a firm understanding on how to lower your cholesterol levels.

In short, just by sticking to a healthy diet and avoiding all of the nasty habits such as smoking and a poor fitness regime should stand you in good stead to guard against the problem.

Some people are forced to take additional measures, which usually involve a trip to the doctors. In fact, when we say “some” people – we’re actually referring to an unbelievably high number.

It’s understood that statins, which are a prescription drug that can lower cholesterol levels, are the most prescribed drug ever. The fact that prescriptions are increasing by around 30% every year suggests that the reliance isn’t going away either.

It would be perfectly fine if statins performed their sole task of lowering our cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, they don’t. As well as solving the problem, most people on such medication experience a whole host of nasty side effects.

These include anything from nosebleeds to memory problems – so the adverse effects are quite severe.

cholesterol lowering foods


How can we negotiate the side effects?

Up until recently, we had to live with the side effects that were discussed in the previous paragraphs. If you are handed a doctor prescription for statins, this is something that doesn’t look as though it is going to change.


However, modern advancements in supplements mean that more and more people are turning to a natural solution.

Statins formed of natural products still manage to lower our cholesterol, without any of the unpleasant side effects that the traditional options arrive with.

It would be fair to say that Lowerol is one of the most well-known products in this regard, as we investigate it in further detail through the remainder of this guide.


What’s the breakdown on Lowerol?

As the manufacturers have seemingly tried to indicate with the name, Lowerol is designed to lower our cholesterol levels.

The difference with this and the typical statin is that it manages to achieve this without any of the nasty side effects that have been touched on in early parts of this article.


It can be summarized with the following:

  • The effects of Lowerol are exactly the same as the doctor-prescribed statin; you will lower your cholesterol to a level where you won’t be at risk of heart attacks, strokes or any of the other nasty issues that can affect the typical man.
  • However, Lowerol is made up of a completely natural set of ingredients. This means that there are no side effects associated with the product, which is in stark contrast to all of the “mainstream” ones we have been used to over the years.
  • The natural backbone of the product doesn’t make it anymore less effective than the Real McCoy. In fact, studies have shown that the ingredients are proven to reduce cholesterol by 15% in the average man.
  • Such results aren’t going to take years to achieve either. You can lower your cholesterol levels in super-fast times, with another study showing that it can take as little as thirty days for Lowerol to improve your cholesterol levels.
  • Lowerol has been brought to the market by Napiers, who are arguably the most well-known supplements manufacturer in the world. They’ve been around for over 150 years and this is because each and every product they produce goes down a storm.

Learn more about Lowerol 


How will Lowerol help you lower your cholesterol levels?

It might be bordering on the revolutionary, but Lowerol actually only relies on a handful of natural ingredients to lower your cholesterol levels without side effects. Here’s what’s in the product, and how these ingredients help:

Red Yeast Rice: This is arguably the most important component in Lowerol, with red yeast rice containing monocolin K, which is effectively a natural statin. This has been proven, by numerous clinical trials, to help maintain normal cholesterol levels in the body.

Policosanol: Policosanol can benefit the body in two ways; with studies revealing that it increases the good levels of cholesterol, whilst lowering the bad.

Grape Seed Extract: This next ingredient is known to strengthen the arteries, to minimize the risk of them clogging and presenting the nasty health conditions that we discussed earlier.

lowerol supplement


Will Lowerol work for you?

It’s worth mentioning that natural substitutes to statins are quite a new invention, but all of the evidence so far suggests that Lowerol could finally be the phenomenon that helps lower our cholesterol levels without any side effects.

As we’ve already seen from the above text, it is comprised through ingredients which have been clinically proven to improve cholesterol levels. There’s no manufacturer spiel here; this is all science.

Something else which isn’t spiel is the 150+ years that the manufacturers of this product have been around. As anyone who has monitored the supplements industry before will tell you, the weak don’t survive.

For a company to have remained in business, and remained the market leader, for so long means that they only produce products that work. Therefore, we believe that Lowerol will do the same.

Then, there is the initial market feedback. It already looks as though Lowerol has taken the industry by storm, with a lot of patients being told by their doctor that they no longer need prescription statins due to the work that Lowerol has initiated.

In other words, it has already stabilized cholesterol levels in umpteen patients – leading us to believe that it will do the same for anyone.

cholesterol test

Lowerol Cholesterol Test



The small print on Lowerol

Despite its revolutionary features, we were actually surprised to read that Lowerol retails for approximately $60.

Additionally, the manufacturers are happy to provide bulk discounts to consumers, while bonus gifts such as a home cholesterol test kit are provided in some other packages that they market.

lowerol price and where to buy it

You can buy Lowerol From The Official Website.


What have we learnt about cholesterol levels?

To summarize what we’ve been discussing through the course of this guide; high levels of “bad” cholesterol really can be terrible for your health. We’re not talking about minor conditions here, millions of men have actually died due to the heart-related complications that this substance can prompt.

In other words, it’s something that you have got to resolve. Whether this is through a more acceptable lifestyle, revolving around a healthy diet and regular exercise, or something like statins – you need to take action.

As we’ve also seen, it’s becoming easier to take this action.

The natural statins market looks as though it could really take off over the next few years, with products such as Lowerol potentially changing the way we approach high levels of cholesterol.

If you know that your levels are on the wrong side, it might be time to at least try something like this to see if your condition improves.

Learn more – Visit The Official Lowerol Website

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