7 Decisions You Will Regret Making in Your Life

They say that you should live life without regrets, yet far too many of us fall directly into this trap.

mistakes and decisions that you will regret as a man

It means that by the time we get older, we’re left with a whole host of regrets that have really blighted our existence. Sure, we might have been happy overall, but deep in the back of our minds there will be those moments where we realize that we didn’t take full advantage of our time.

This is all about what today’s post is about. We are going to document seven decisions that you will regularly face through the course of your life – but seven decisions that most of us regret as well. While you might not be able to change your way of thinking about each and every one of these, if you can just change your approach to a handful it can mean that you live life with far fewer regrets, and feel all the better for it.



Regret #1 – You don’t take care of your teeth

Let’s start with something that we’re taught from a young age; we must brush our teeth and generally take good care of them. Unfortunately, many of us just decide not to do this. It’s too much hassle, and everything will be fine, won’t it?

The thing is, it won’t be fine. If you start to relax too much on your maintenance, you’ll soon see all sorts of problems creeping up on you. The trick is to keep a steady maintenance of your teeth throughout your life; you will be amazed at the amount of problems this prevents later down the line.


Regret #2 – You don’t wear sunscreen

This is in similar vein to the last point. It’s something that we’re told for years, but most of us just ignore any advice that’s handed out to us about sunscreen. Sometimes this will be through ignorance, while on other occasions it’s because we want that elusive glow.

Regardless of your reasoning, it’s time to put a stop to it. We all know the types of conditions that overexposure to the sun can cause; don’t be one of the individuals who falls into the trap.


Regret #3 – You didn’t take a chance

This next reason might be a little vague for some of you, but in truth it can be applied to pretty much anything out there. It might be relationships, business, or anything else you can think of.

Far too many of us stroll through life just accepting what it is. We don’t push boundaries and we don’t take chances. Next time you see a girl that you are interested in, ask her out. Or, next time that golden job opportunity comes in, apply as soon as you can. What’s the worst that can happen?


Regret #4 – You rushed into marriage

This next regret might be a little strange to hear following the previous issue we’ve just talked about, but give us time.

A lot of young people rush into marriage far too quickly. Everything seems rosy, and it probably is, but that doesn’t mean to say that you have to walk down the aisle at the first opportunity.

It’s worth remembering that marriage is an option and if you get this option wrong, it can end up in divorce. When you are young, with little experience, the data shows that you are far more likely to get this decision wrong.


Regret #5 – You didn’t say sorry

For some of you, saying sorry just isn’t in your vocabulary. It doesn’t matter what happens, it’s a word that you struggle to get off the tip of your tongue.

In the interests of living life without regrets, this is something that you should look to change. Sure, you might not be at fault all of the time, but there will be occasions you need to apologize. Arguments will happen during your life, but the trick is making sure that you navigate the risks to ensure that those long-term friendships always exist.


Regret #6 – You dwelled on one person too much

This is one regret that we all might have, but for most of us it will be in our younger days. If you happen to be in this “younger” category, or feel as though you might be falling into the trap anyway, it’s time to read on.

It’s very easy to dwell on one person, particularly if that person has given you happiness which you may not have experienced for a very long time (if at all).

However, it’s worth stating that people do change. Just because the person gave you happiness in one period of your life, doesn’t mean to say that they will be able to do so indefinitely. You may have met the person on vacation, and they have changed as soon as they return home. Or, the person may have just changed over a number of years.

Either way, change does happen, and rather than mope about one person, it’s best to move on and find someone else who is going to inject even more happiness into your life – for an even longer period.


Regret #7 – Using your credit card for a huge purchase

At this point you might be asking just how one purchase can have such a knock-on effect for your life. In other words, how can this be classed as a big regret?

Well, what tends to happen with these big purchases is that they are just the start of many. You say that the card will be paid off next month, but before that time lapses you have just added to your purchases.

Before you know it, you’re deep in money troubles. From a lifelong perspective, this can mean that you don’t live some years of your life to the fullest like you really should. In other words, it means that you waste some periods just because you are too stressed about your credit card.


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