IBS Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention – Best Supplements For A Natural & Lasting IBS Relief

With approximately 58 million Americans suffering from IBS, it goes without saying that this is a problem which is becoming exceptionally serious.

Man With Stomachache


Diarrhea, bloating, constipation and stomach cramps are just a handful of the side effects and when you consider the long-term nature of the condition, it’s certainly no laughing matter.

Women are the most common sex who are affected but in truth, it can hit absolutely everyone. Bearing this in mind, we’re now going to conduct an overview of IBS and help you get through the condition if you are one of the unlucky millions.


What is IBS?

Internal Organs - Intestines

In scientific terms, irritable bowel syndrome can be classed as a long-term condition which impacts the digestive system.


The Symptoms of IBS

The symptoms tend to vary between sufferers and all of the side effects that were mentioned in the opening to this guide are generally apparent.

Most people suffering from the problem experience some relief after a bowel movement, but the fact that this is a lifelong problem means that in the grand scheme of things IBS is a hugely uncomfortable condition.

It’s something that will impact your day-to-day activities, whether this is work or play, and if we stick on the topic of the former one study has concluded that IBS sufferers will be 21% less productive whilst working.

ibs symptoms


What causes the  irritable bowel syndrome IBS?

Unfortunately, we’re going to answer this first section with a terribly negative answer – nobody knows the exact cause of IBS.

While experts have an inclination that it is related to sensitive guts and difficulties with digesting food, nothing has yet been confirmed for sure.

There are also some suspicions that IBS can be caused by psychological factors, with traumatic events and stress generally being mooted as possibilities.

Nevertheless, the common risk factors which are branded surround food and if you have a habit of tasting alcohol, chocolate, fizzy drinks and generally fatty food – you are much more at risk.

ibs causes


What treatment options are currently available?

With experts unsure as to the exact causes of IBS, the next unfortunate issue is that treatment options are sparse. There are no “miracle” cures for the problem; it tends to be something that sticks with you for life.

It is possible to reduce the effects of IBS though, with medical professionals tending to offer the following advice:


Sticking to an IBS-friendly diet:

ibs friendly diet

One could write a whole dissertation on the topic of an IBS-friendly diet – there is certainly plenty to consider.

Once again, in something which seems to be par for the course with IBS, there’s not a diet that will fit everyone though. Instead, it’s generally recommended to consume appropriate amounts of fiber depending on your symptoms (for example, if you suffer diarrhea you should cut down on the substance, while if constipation is a symptom you should increase the fiber).

Elsewhere, suggestions such as eating regular meals, taking plenty of time whilst eating, drinking lots of water, reducing your reliance on starch and limiting your fresh fruit intake are all advisable and should help manage the condition.


Participating in regular exercise:

man exercising

Something else which has been found to help IBS is taking part in regular exercise. The experts advise at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on a weekly basis to ease the symptoms.


Try and avoid stress:

no stress

Again, it’s not a definite cause of IBS, but many believe that stress is one of the key reasons behind the condition.

Of course, reducing your stress levels is easier said than done but whether it’s through relaxation techniques or exercise, reducing these levels has helped countless others relieve their IBS symptoms.


Some people also suggest uses laxatives and anti-diarrhea tablets but as everyone knows, these synthetic drugs can cause a host of side effects on their own and relying them for a lifetime is hardly advisable.


Are there any supplements that can help you against IBS?

natural supplement

As you may have gathered from the treatment options that were mulled over in the previous section, treating IBS is difficult.

The fact that the causes are so varied means that the experts don’t really have any guaranteed treatment plans and the tips which have been recommended above are usually recommended.

With IBS now such a common condition, it won’t be a surprise to hear that several supplement manufacturers have started to look into the problem and released products which aim to provide relief.

In other words, you can at least manage IBS without turning your exercise and diet plans upside down although by all accounts, this can certainly help as well.

From our research, IBS Relief System is one of the strongest in the field, and we’ll now look at this product in further detail.


The breakdown on IBS Relief System

  • IBS Relief System is a three-part supplement that will help anyone who is suffering from the common effects of IBS, including constipation, diarrhea, gas, irregular bowel movements and stomach pains.
  • The product isn’t based on any “probable” outcomes; it follows a strict three-step system in a bid to rid you of the above complaints. Each step uses a slightly different supplement so in other words, it’s completely structured to tackle the problem.
  • To add to the above, IBS Relief System is doctor approved. As everyone knows, the medical experts are not allowed to endorse products unless there is strong scientific backing behind them.
  • There’s no complicated system here, it’s all based on a glass of water and a sachet. Simply mix the packet with water and drink about an hour before the meal – and watch your pain go away.
  • You don’t have to take the product for months on end to experience the results. Most people see the pain dwindle after just 30 days of using the IBS Relief System.
  • The manufacturers are so confident that the product will work for you that they have attached a 90-day money-back guarantee. You don’t have to risk any money by purchasing IBS Relief System.
  • If we stay on the topic of the manufacturers, Leading Edge Health are hugely renowned. This isn’t their only product, they have released countless others into the market and the fact they have been in business for almost fifteen years highlights their success.


How does IBS Relief System work?

ibs relief system

As we have already found previously in this guide, IBS is a difficult condition to treat.

For this reason, we were particularly impressed with the way in which the IBS Relief System worked, seeing as it can help anyone suffering with the complaint regardless of whether its related to chronic D or ongoing IBS.

IBS Relief Systen Official Website


The product uses a three-part supplement system

as we’ll now look at:

3 steps


Step #1


The first part of IBS Relief System is to rebalance your digestive enzymes. Considering the fact that around 90% of IBS patients are understood to have insufficient hydrochloric acid, this is particularly important.

This substance is responsible for breaking down food so if you don’t have enough of it in your body, your stomach will produce more acid to deal with the situation.

Over time, it becomes impossible to produce sufficient amounts though, with this then prompting all of the IBS symptoms that we are painfully aware of.


Step #2


This next step is all about replenishing your gut with “good bacteria”. This is done with the aim of balancing the microflora, in a bid to balance the chemicals and stop your bad bacteria taking over.

Unsurprisingly, if you allow for this imbalance to continue, IBS symptoms strike again.


Step #3


The third and final step is to just optimize your digestive health.

The manufacturers have therefore included daily digestion support, which will provide you with the sufficient nutrients to boost your digestive health and help safeguard against future digestive problems.


How much does IBS Relief System cost?

IBS Relief System currently retails for $97.95, with this package tending to last for a month.

It’s possible to save money if you purchase in bulk, with the two month offering now available for $175.90.


IBS Relief Systen Official Website

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