10 Effective Remedies For Overactive Bladder & The Best Natural Supplement For Bladder Control

It’s one of those problems that most of us would rather not talk about, but the fact that around 25 million Americans suffer from bladder control issues says everything you need to know about the severity of it.

confused by overreacti9ng bladder

While a trip to your doctor might be necessary, there are also several natural remedies that can help you relieve the symptoms. Here, we take a look at our favorite ten ways to get over bladder control problems.


Kegal exercises

Kegal exercises for bladder control

It sounds a bizarre type of exercise and in reality, it really is. Kegal exercises revolve around flexing those muscles that control how we urinate.

Experts believe that they are one of the best ways to deal with the problem during the early stages.

It might take anywhere between six and twelve weeks to see an improvement, and you may have to keep doing them without stopping, but studies have shown that they will offer you relief over time.


Bladder training

Bladder training

Another form of training also sounds quite ridiculous but again, bladder training can work wonders.

There are no physical exercises required this time, it’s all about mental training. In other words, instead of rushing to the toilet every time your brain suggests, you should attempt to issue some form of delay.

If you can delay yourself for up to twenty minutes it can work a treat and it can allow you to naturally increase the amount of time between bathroom sessions.


Turn to magnesium

Magnesium to ease bladder problems

Unsurprisingly, some food-types can help the situation better than others. Magnesium certainly falls into this category and studies have suggested that it can work wonders.

For example, one showed that over half of participants who took magnesium hydroxide pills on a daily schedule saw an improvement with their bladder ailments.

There are a whole host of reasons why this could be the case as well. One that most doctors tend to agree on is because of its ability to reduce muscle spasms in the bladder, allowing the organ to empty completely without any problems.

While there are a whole host of foods that contain high doses of magnesium, the likes of bananas and potatoes are a couple of the most popular candidates.


You can also try some natural supplements, Our picks are :

calcium and magnesium supplementCalcium & Magnesium

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muscle ease redd remediesMuscle Ease

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Hit the gym

old man in the gym

Well, you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym, but keeping in good fitness is another way in which you can beat bladder control.

This is particularly evident for those of you who are slightly overweight. Your excess belly fat will start to put pressure on your bladder and the pelvic muscles around there, which results in the inevitable.

If you can shed some of this weight, it goes without saying that you are going to reap some rewards in the process.


…and throw a bit of Vitamin D in there as well

vitamin d

Something else that you can do to your diet is throw in a bit of Vitamin D.

While the primary use of this vitamin has been to promote calcium intake over the years, some studies have shown that it has positive effects on the bladder as well.

It’s worth mentioning that the daily requirement of vitamin D is 600 IU and most people fall well short of this.

Considering the fact that studies have specifically targeted vitamin D in relation to incontinence issues, it might be time to fine-tune your diet.


The modern way to address bladder control

mechanism of bladder support

So far, we’ve looked at some fairly straightforward methods to deal with the problem – most of which can easily be adopted into your lifestyle.

A slightly more modern approach comes in the form of biofeedback. This involves electrical sensors monitoring the muscles in your body, which ultimately reveals exactly what is causing incontinence.

It’s a technique that is popular amongst physical therapists and actually can be linked to Kegal exercises. For example, a lot of therapists will monitor your body via this method, before recommending appropriate Kegal exercises based on the feedback.

Unfortunately, this is one of the more expensive ways to deal with incontinence.


Turn to needles


Another slightly more unconventional method comes in the form of acupuncture. The aim is to “balance” out your body, specifically around the bladder and kidneys.

In fact, experts believe that acupuncture for incontinence can be the most successful if it targets multiple organs, including the lungs and heart.




Let’s stay on the topic of slightly less obvious forms of treatment and this time turn to hypnotherapy.

We don’t need to delve too much into the ins and outs of this practice; you will effectively be put into a state of relaxation whilst the hypnotherapist “works his magic”.

The idea is that this relaxed state will allow you to have more control of your bladder, with some research and studies backing up the theory.


Put a stub in it


Smoking is blamed for a lot of problems and suffice to say, bladder issues fall right into this category.

Another study in relation to the condition showed that if you are heavily into smoking, you are much more likely to suffer from incontinence.

It’s specifically related to the coughing, with this placing a lot of stress on the urinary system which eventually causes a frequent need to nip to the bathroom.


Natural supplements

We seem to have tried absolutely every method under the sun, so it should be expected that natural supplements now make an appearance.

As we highlighted at the start of this guide, one of the primary courses of action for a lot of incontinence sufferers is a trip to the doctor. A lot of the time, medical professionals will prescribe you some form of treatment.

Natural supplements have a big advantage over prescribed medication, in the way that they don’t carry side effects. In other words, it’s all about making your body adjust naturally and without any risk.


Out of all of the bladder control supplements available it would be fair to say that Flotrol is the market leader.

flotrol bladder control supplement


To highlight just what sort of things these supplements can offer, we’ve provided the following breakdown on Flotrol.

flotrol ingredients

  • Flotrol is a completely natural supplement for bladder support, meaning that you can attempt to resolve the issue without any nasty side effects that often accompany synthetic forms of medication.
  • It might be based on natural ingredients, but there is still immense scientific backing behind Flotrol. For example, one study showed that the primary ingredient (pumpkin seed extracts) prompted bladder improvement after just one week.
  • To put the above into perspective, you might be able to control your incontinence within just seven days of using the supplement.
  • The product is by no means expensive, with Flotrol costing just $39.95 for a one month supply. Additionally, you can pay just $119.85 if you buy in bulk for a five month batch.
  • The company behind the product, Santrinico Enterprises, are hugely established. They’ve been around since 2002, for the simple reason that their supplements tend to work extremely well.

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