Best Joint Pain Relief Supplements & Natural Remedies For Men

As most aging men will tell you, joint pain is a problem. It’s something that creeps up upon you, even if you’ve never suffered any sort of injury in the past, and immediately hinders your day-to-day life.

back pain


Tasks that were once easy no longer are and in short, it’s just a pain (pardon the pun).

Unfortunately, even though it has been affecting men for decades, the problem just doesn’t seem to go away. Therefore, if you are one of the unlucky few (although actually it’s quite a big number), it’s time to read on.

This guide certainly won’t cure your joint pain once and for all, but it might give you a better understanding about it and just what you can do to improve your situation.


What is joint pain?

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If you’re already suffering from joint pain, there’s every chance you don’t need to read this section. Alternatively, some would suggest that the name of the problem gives everything away.

Regardless, joint pain can be defined as discomfort around any of the joint regions. It doesn’t matter if it’s around the knees, elbows or shoulders – as long as two bones meet and pain occurs, the problem can be defined.

Some experts might refer to it as arthritis or arthralgia, but for the purposes of this article we will define it as the basic term.

The severity of joint pain varies between patients. If it’s a problem which has just crept up on you, you may just experience some mild pain as your manoeuvre your joints.

Unfortunately, this can just be the start of the problems, with some people unable to use particular joints due to the immense pain that is caused upon movement.


What causes joint pain?

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Something which makes joint pain even more difficult to manage is the fact that there are so many causes out there. Additionally, these causes can vary depending on just how many joints are affected.

For example, pain in one joint may be immediately due to one cause – but if you happen to be suffering pains in several it sparks a different list of possible reasons why.

On the whole, conditions like bursitis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are some of the main reasons why joint pain occurs though.

If you happen to have suffered an injury around the area, such as a sprain or strain, there’s a good chance that pain could arise as well.

The knees are most commonly affected by joint pain, although it really is possible for any joint in the body to be hit. As one gets older, it probably goes without saying that these pains become even more common as well.

Put simply, the body has just become under more stress, and slowly gives in.


Is there any relief available?

leg joint pain

To make joint pain even more complicated, there is no “one-for-all” type of treatment.

For example, those patients who are suffering from moderate-to-severe pain will most likely be handed some form of medication – most of which can be obtained over the counter.

The likes of ibuprofen and aspirin fall into this category, highlighting just how general the treatment can become. Of course, there are more specialist options, with acetaminophen and opioid drugs being two examples.

Unfortunately, both of these can cause side effects including liver damage and constipation.

Another method of treatment involves a topical agent. Most of the time this derives from Capsaicin, but again there are side effects.

Most people who undergo this method of treatment experience a burning and stinging sensation, which is hardly a surprise considering the fact that this substance is actually found in chilli.

Some doctors take to steroid injections as well, with these occurring every few months.

While there’s no disputing the effectiveness of this solution, we should again reiterate that side effects are common and this is something else that should be considered.


Are there any solutions available that don’t have side effects?

Up until recently, the answer to this question would have been a resounding no. However, developments in supplements mean that several options have hit the market, with the leading product being Joint Relief Solution.

joint relief solution

Here’s the lowdown of the product:

  • Joint Relief Solution is a supplement that aids problems absolutely anywhere in the body, including the knees, hips, ankles and back.
  • The supplement tackles everything from swelling, to aches to stiffness – combating all of the symptoms that accompany people who suffer from joint pain.
  • Unlike some treatment methods that deal with joint pain, there are no nasty injections here. Instead, you simply consume a capsule, and let the supplement get to work.
  • This isn’t a supplement which is based on “ifs” and “maybes”. Joint Relief Solution is comprised of ingredients which have all been tested and clinically proven to tackle joint problems.
  • The product has been brought to the market by Leading Edge Health, who have amassed over fifteen years’ worth of experience in the supplements industry and happen to be one of the biggest players.


Joint Relief Solution Cons

  • While Joint Relief Solution has helped countless people all over the world, the manufacturers have not made any claims about its effectiveness in relation to arthritis. Even though it might have an effect, there is no guarantee it will cure it.
  • The product contains shellfish and you should subsequently consult a physician before using it.

More about Joint Relief Solution


How does the product work?

The manufacturers of Joint Relief Solution believe that most joint pain occurs due to damaged cartilage – meaning that the joining bones start to grind against each other. Unsurprisingly, this is exactly as painful as it sounds.

To combat the above, the product takes advantage of the following ingredients to start the healing process and ultimately relieve the pain:

Celadrin: The fact that a study in the Journal of Rheumatology showed that this component relieves joint pain says everything you need to know about its inclusion.

Hyaluronic Acid: This has been found to give more flexibility to tissue and in the case of joints, provide additional lubrication which can aid with the problem of pain in the area.

Holy Basil Extract: One study found that Holy Basil Extract reduces swelling in the joints.

Ginger Extract: This is included for similar reasons to the previous ingredient, with ginger extract acting as an anti-inflammatory supplement according to the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal.


Will it work for you?

While there are never any guarantees in relation to treatment methods, the studies that have been conducted on Joint Relief Solution are incredibly compelling and suggest to us that it will be a winner.

The majority of ingredients that are included in the product have been covered through official medical studies, suggesting to us that it will make a major difference to your joint relief pain.


Are there any side effects?

As Joint Relief Solution is only comprised of natural ingredients, no side effects have been reported with the product. This is in stark contrast to the other treatment options we have discussed for joint pain.


How much does Joint Relief Solution cost?

A one month supply of Joint Relief Solution costs $59.95, while you can save up to $60 if you purchase for six months in advance.

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