The Best Devices You Can Use to Stop Snoring & 5 Reasons Why A Poor Night’s Sleep Can Screw You Up

As strange as it might sound, snoring is something that can crush relationships. It’s something that can make a couple sleep apart every night and for this reason alone it’s one of those irritating traits that you need to cure as a matter of urgency.

stop snoring


Why do you snore?

Unfortunately, there are a whole host of reasons why you snore and there is never a reason that is going to apply to everyone.

why do you snore

If we look at the product scientifically, it’s caused when the lungs strain to inhale oxygen. This is usually because the airways are obstructed because of the position of the jaw when we fall asleep.

Therefore, it’s now all about ciphering through the risk factors which cause the position of the jaw to alter. Alcohol and certain other medications can cause a degree of muscle relaxation, meaning that these are two of the primary causes.

However, they are not the only ones and it can range from anything such as being overweight, to sleeping on a large pillow that positions your jaw awkwardly.

There are some risk factors which you might not have any control of as well. Certain throat and nasal deformities can cause excessive snoring and if you have a long soft uvula, you are particularly at risk as well.


Who cares if you snore?

confused man

In truth, there are few people out there who are going to snore so loudly that it disturbs even their own sleep. However, with that being said, having your airways obstructed while you are attempting to get shut-eye is certainly not a healthy way to spend the night.

The big snoring issue comes with the other people in your household though.

Your partner is the obvious person who is going to suffer and as anyone who has shared a bed with a snorer will tell you, it can be an absolute relationship-killer if not managed accordingly.

The frustration of being kept up all night can spiral into future days and before you know it, that once-funny problem has escalated into something much bigger.


The five reasons why a bad night’s sleep can mess with you

crazy man from lack of sleep

As we pointed out in the previous section, snoring is something which mainly affects the people around you.

Therefore, lets’ go over five reasons on how a lack of sleep can mess with the body and cause sincere problems in both yours, and other people’s lives.

It will make you more depressed

depressed man

First and foremost, if you or your partner does not get sufficient shut-eye, studies suggest that you will feel more depressed and anxious.

In 2008, it was highlighted that people who slept more than six hours of sleep every night had much lower levels of stress than those who subjected their body to less. In other words, if you want to stay happier, make sure you hit the pillow for much longer periods.


Your appearance will suffer

appearance will suffer if you don't sleep

As well as affecting you mentally, others will notice your sleep-deprived face as well.

Multiple studies have found that those people who stay awake for longer periods of time are judged to be less attractive and sadder.


Men will have unrealistic sexual views about women

man looking at women weirdly

Despite the above, you’ll actually have an over-inflated opinion about yourself when it comes to sex. A separate study has found that sleep-deprived men immediately think that women are more interested in having sex than they really are.

As such, there’s a high chance that some of those inappropriate and unwanted advances could occur!


You’ll have feelings of exclusion

feeling weird

Another side-effect of missing out of sleep is the feeling of exclusion.

Other studies have confirmed that those people who don’t sleep enough will feel excluded from groups much more quickly and this can again contribute to the depression that we touched upon previously.


Sleep is linked to weight loss!

weight loss

If all of the above hasn’t won you over yet, this next reason might. It is understood that it is much easier to lose weight if you are fully rested.

As well as this, a side effect of a lack of sleep was that dieters got hungry much more often.

In fact, to drill home our point even more, let’s take a look at a few solid statistics. One study showed that men who slept four hours, instead of eight, would consume 560 calories more every day.

This is because a lack of sleep will worsen your decision-making in your brain’s frontal lobe – causing you to eat foods which you really shouldn’t be looking at if you are aiming to keep the pounds off.


Are there any ways that you can stop snoring?

Once upon a time the answer to this would have been probably not. Even though snoring seemingly affects the masses, there was never a “one-fits-all” solution for it which meant that medical experts had a hard time treating it.

Over recent years the situation has improved somewhat though. For example, there are now several products available on the market which are able to help you, with the following three being worth a mention.


#1 Good Morning Snore Solution

good morning snore solution

The first product we’ll look at uses a unique mouthpiece to attempt to cure the snorer. It can be broken down as follows:

  • Good Morning Snore Solution is one of the most comfortable snoring devices on the market. Rather than affecting your jaw, the product slips over your tongue and positions it in a way which clears your airway.
  • The product also happens to bask in clinically proven studies. For example, one study involving thirty two participants found that the Snoring Index was reduced by almost 40%. Such an improvement is sufficient to not only boost your sleep, but also your partner’s!
  • You don’t have to measure your tongue or anything else before buying the product, with Good Morning Snore Solution being designed to fit absolutely everyone.
  • The device retails for less than $100 – making it a small price to pay for the gift of a good night’s sleep!
  • As well as the competitive price, the manufacturers have included a 30-day money-back guarantee. If Good Morning Snore Resolution doesn’t work – you get your money back.
  • The company behind Good Morning Sore Solution, MPowRx, was founded by doctors. In other words – everything they produce is legit and trustworthy.

Official Good Morning Snore Solution Website


#2 SleepPro


Next on the list is SleepPro. This is slightly different to Good Morning Snore Solution, in the way it is a larger mouthpiece rather than just covering your tongue. Here, we’ll review it in more detail:

  • SleepPro is a simple mouthpiece which you wear overnight. It will keep your upper airway open to again allow that free breathing that is required for a snore-free evening.
  • It would be fair to say that SleepPro is somewhat cheaper than the previous product. The standard version costs just $49.99, although you can buy a more flexible option for $129.99. The latter has different settings and is more easily adjustable, making it much simpler to come to terms with.
  • However, if you are on a budget, the $49.99 product takes advantage of “boil and bite” technology. In other words, you place it in hot water, let it cool for a few moments, before fitting it to your jaw and allowing it to mold accordingly.
  • Just like Good Morning Snore Solution, this is a product that also arrives with a 30-day money-back guarantee.So it can be completely trusted.
  • SleepPro has been brought to the market by a UK-based company who have gained a superb reputation in the industry. MEDiTAS have their own customer hotline and are a registered company – they can

Visit The Official SleepPro Website


#3 SnoreMeds


The final product we will look at is quite similar to the previous one, in the way that it’s a mouthpiece which slots into your jaw while you sleep. SnoreMeds can be summarized as follows:

  • Like most mouthpiece-based products, SnoreMeds works by attaching to the jaw and opening the airway.
  • Unlike a lot of other mouthpieces though, SnoreMeds has “emergency holes” pierced in the device which means that you can breathe through your mouth if necessary.
  • There are several SnoreMeds packages available, with prices ranging from $40.90 to $70.90. As such, it can be classed as something which falls right between the other two products we have looked at.
  • However, these are devices that don’t last forever. The basic product lasts for about four months, meaning that you will have to keep renewing it to reap the benefits and permanently stop snoring.
  • Like the standard SleepPro option, this is a product that you will need to mold to your mouth yourself.
  • Just like the other products, SnoreMeds has a money-back guarantee offer. The only difference this time is that it lasts for 45 days.
  • As well as the guarantee, you can take advantage of free shipping if you spend more than $70 with the company.
  • SnoreMeds has been around since 2006. During that time 85% of people who snore say that it works for them – these are astounding figures and prove that the product is successful.

Visit The Official SnoreMeds Website

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