Types of Teeth Whitening Kits Available

Tooth whitening is something that many people are looking to use. When they look at doing this though, they will find that there are many methods that people can use if they are looking for something that can make their teeth white.

types teeth whitening


Strips & Gels

One of the most effective ways would be with the use of the strips or gels. The thing about this is that they will have to use them more often than the other methods that are out there. They have to apply this twice a day. They will need to do this for a total of fourteen days. That can add up and many people get frustrated with having to remember to do this.


Another way is to use the rinses out there that will then whiten their teeth. This method of teeth whitening is said to be fairly new. This helps to freshen the breath as well as to whiten the teeth. This can also help a person to reduce the amount of plaque they have as well as gum disease. The only thing that people need to be advised about this is that they might not notice a difference right away. Normally, it is said that people will not notice a difference for twelve weeks which could be quite a while for some people.



The thing with this is that there are many who find that this is easy to use. They can buy this in the store or they can get this from their dentist. The way this works is just like the strips, but instead of strips, it is just a mouth guard type thing. When they fill it with the foam type things, they just go and put the mouth guards on and they find that this does the trick. They just leave it on according to the instructions and they will find that their teeth is better off. They will do this every day, but it is not that hard.

The Dentist

The last form would be that they go into the office and have this done. When they have to go in an office to have this done, they will find that the best way that doctors will do this is with the use of lasers. They only take half an hour to an hour to do, which is no time at all and the difference that this makes is worth the while.

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