5 Grooming Tips to Make You Walk Down the Aisle in Style

They say it’s the biggest day of your life – but most of the time the emphasis is on the woman as the wedding day sneaks up.

grooming tips for wedding day

It’s your other half who will have booked in the make-up artists to arrive at 5.30 in the morning, and it will be your other half who has scheduled appointments well in advance for her nails, hair and pretty much every other body part.

There’s nothing in the rule back which suggests that you can’t do the same, though. While you’re probably not going to go quite as far as getting a premium manicure and all of the other bits and pieces, there are plenty of other grooming tips that are most certainly acceptable for a guy before he trots up the aisle.

Luckily, most can be done well in advance and there shouldn’t be any need for the early starts which the woman puts herself through. Let’s take a look at some of the best grooming tips – to help you look your best on the big day.


Sort your skin out

take care of your skin on wedding day

It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female – having good skin is something of a unisex thing. In fact, you could even say that as a man, the need for good skin is even more paramount. After all, there’s no make-up to help you out here – absolutely everything is going to be on show.

The problem is that there’s no secret formula to having good skin. What works for one guy certainly isn’t going to be successful for another and the best advice is to simply follow the long-term process that primes your skin in any way possible.

When we talk about this long-term process, we’re referring to a number of issues. Months in advance of your wedding day, try and do the following to give yourself the best chance of matching your wife-to-be’s glow:

  • Hydrate yourself – It might not be a topical treatment, but never underestimate the power of water. Without it, your skin has more chance of cracking and just looking out of shape. Aim for two litres per day to keep things ticking over.
  • Vitamin C is your new best friend – Whether it’s from breakfast cereals or citrus fruits, vitamin C will be your favourite vitamin in preparation for the big day. It’s an antioxidant and helps with collagen synthesis – it’s a win-win when it comes to your skin.
  • Moisturize accordingly – Moisturizer is no longer a women’s only sport. Instead, it’s for everyone and by doing it, you can protect your skin from the sun and again add that elusive glow for the big day.

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No excuses for a bad hair day

bad hair day on wedding day

Unless you don’t have any hair – there’s no excuses for skipping this next part.

Women spend hours on it and in truth, you only need to spend a fraction of your time fine-tuning your hair.

Again, the process starts long before the big day itself and you should be looking to head out for that last hair cut several weeks before the wedding. This not only gives you a bit of leeway if there is a dreaded mistake, but it also allows your hair to settle. It’s not going to be short and if it does get a little longer than you’d like – that’s easy to sort as well.


Guard against illness

being sick on wedding day

Let’s be honest, no-one ever likes to be ill and most of the time, you’re never going to be able to control exactly when that cold or bug strikes.

Something you can do is try everything you can to guard against it though. You’ll probably know some people who are never hit by illness and while some of them might just be blessed with luck, we’re willing to bet that most take certain steps which minimize the chances significantly.

These steps aren’t exactly tasks which are going to cut up your day either. We’re talking about some of the most common health tips around; everything from getting enough shut-eye, to not drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or smoking.

In fact, we’ve already covered a lot of the other tips that can help prevent you walking down the aisle with a runny nose. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables builds up those elusive antioxidants, while keeping hydrated is something else which is proven to help.

We’re not guaranteeing you a clean bill of health – but it can most certainly help. Suffice to say, if you don’t have a red nose – it helps with your image.


Maybe we over exaggerated the manicure-factor

man's hands on wedding

We spoke about the importance that women place on manicures earlier and we may have been a little too quick to dismiss them for guys.

While we certainly don’t recommend rising at the crack of dawn to get a new set of nails, some of you might want to consider the state of your hands before you take to the aisle.

Considering the fact that one of the pinnacles of the day is when you slip the ring onto your other halves’ finger – the last thing you want is for your photographer to be snapping your flaky hands.

For some guys, just moisturizing several weeks in advance will do the trick. For others, a little more care might be required and it could be an idea to book a manicure just so you can sort your hands and nails together once and for all.


Finally – relax

breathe and relax

Following on from the above – let’s give you the best advice yet. It’s time to relax.

While you do need to take pride in your grooming regime, you also need to make sure that you don’t become too stressed.

If you start to worry too much about the big day – it’s going to wreak havoc with all of your grooming anyway.

Instead, take the time to sit back, chill and perhaps even enjoy the occasion. That’s what it’s all about.

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