5 Grooming Tips to Hike Your Confidence

Every guy goes through the phase of wanting to better his appearance. In fact, you could say that that some of them somehow manage to do it every day – they don’t do phases.

well groomed

Going to the gym, eating healthier – these are the usual lifestyle changes that will happen in one of these phases.

Something that often slips under the radar is a solid grooming routine. You might be squeezing out a six pack, perhaps having a whiter smile – but something’s missing; your hair is all over the place.

Despite being one of the key elements of our appearance, a man’s hair is often neglected. For women, it’s probably the first thing they attend to but when it comes to the male species, it’s often left forgotten.

All of this is even more surprising when you consider that we’re not necessarily just referring to your head of hair here. We’re also talking about other areas, like your beard, that just need to be kept in order.

As you may have already gathered, that’s the purpose of this article. If your hair does need a good sort out – read on to find out our top five grooming tips that can transform your appearance.


The messy beard isn’t stylish in the slightest

messy beard

Let’s get one misconception out of the way – there’s no such thing as a stylish beard that’s all over the place. While the “scruffy” look might suffice in other areas of the body, or perhaps in relation to your clothes, it just doesn’t wash when it comes to your beard.

We should also put it out there that we don’t have anything whatsoever against beards – but only if they are done in the good and proper way.

When we talk about this proper way, we’re talking about shaping your beard and moustache. This isn’t something which needs to be done “every so often” either – it’s a daily task.

Fortunately, even though it’s tedious, you don’t need a diploma in grooming to achieve a much-improved appearance. There’s nothing fancy involved and all you have to do is gently go over the edges of your beard with a trimmer. Use a guide comb to help you cut everything back to a standard length – making your beard as symmetrical as you physically can.


Sort out the stubble

good beard stubble

While we’re on the subject of this area of the body, let’s talk about the stubble.

Make no mistake – this is a make or break area of facial hair. Some guys will be able to pull it off in a breeze, others will look ridiculous. Chances are, if you’ve barely paid attention to your stubble, you’ve landed yourself in the latter category.

If you still need convincing about this area of the face, let’s reveal some interesting study results. Several universities have studied the stubble intently – with the results pretty fascinating. The University of New South Wales and Northumbria University were two establishments that concluded that women are more attracted to guys who have a stubble. Let’s reiterate that – research has found that if you have a stubble, you’ve immediately got an advantage over a clean-shaven guy.

So, how exactly do you pull off the stubble successfully? The trick is to keep it as trim as possible. You’ve got to pay regular attention to it and make sure that it doesn’t look like the stubble that really wasn’t meant to be there.

There are tools out there which can help you with the trim appearance. A stubble guard is a good starter and will allow you to maintain your stubble and keep it neat much more easily.


Eradicate those ugly nose hairs

man nose hair

So far, we’ve spoken about making the most of your facial hair and if anything, just making it much neater.

Next, we’re going to talk about getting rid of some hair. Specifically, nose hair.

We don’t need to go on too much about this – we all know that it’s hardly desirable. No woman, or man for that matter, on this earth wants to see a long hair dangling out of your nose. It just reeks of a lack of effort – and that’s the last impression you want to give off to anyone.

It also gets worse if you happen to be taller. If you fall into this category, you’ll tend to get people looking directly into your nose hair. Again, it’s not the lasting impression you want to give.

We don’t really need to give many specific pointers here – the only advice is to get rid of them. Using whatever tool you can get your hands on, simply cut them back so they are a long way out of sight.

Take the attention away from your nose – and onto the rest of your well-groomed face.


…And while you’re at it, sort out your ears

remove hair from your ears

While we’re on the subject of getting rid of certain hairs, let’s now move onto the ears.

The ears are in an even more obvious position. Anyone who looks at you from side-on, regardless of their height, is most probably going to be greeted with several strands of hair poking out of your ears.

Is it attractive? Most certainly not. Unfortunately, we all get them and the advice is the same as before; using whatever tool you can get your hands on, snip away until the ends can no longer be seen.

It’s probably worth mentioning that these hairs will be long and will protrude quite deep into the ear. However, rather than fiddling about in your ear and risking injury, it’s much safer to just cut them back so they are out of sight.

The frequency in which you have to attend to your ears will vary – but most guys will have to turn to them at least every few weeks, potentially every few days.


Never ignore the neck

hair in the neck man

Finally – just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean to say that no problem exists.

This is the message that should be echoed with your neck and if you’re not paying attention to it, it’s time to pull out the mirror and study exactly what is going on back there.

As you may have gathered, the hairy neck doesn’t do anything for us. In fact, it doesn’t do anything for most people – women most definitely included. It can again highlight that you’re really not into personal grooming and in the modern day, this constitutes a turn off.

The good news is that dealing with neck hair is much easier than most people realise. Even though you are effectively combating the area blind, trimmers can make the job a breeze. Most guys will be able to comfortably include a neck shave into their normal routine – it should only take a few seconds and the difference can be substantial.

One final point is that no stubble should be occurring here – you need a completely smooth finish. In fact, if we’re talking about specifics, the general rule of thumb is that your haircut should end exactly where your collar does. Any lower and you have failed your neck shaving mission.

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