Creating a White Smile from the Comfort of Your Own Home

We don’t need to talk about the importance of a glistening, white smile – it’s what every guy on the planet wants.

man with white smile

Pick up any magazine and yellow teeth are a thing of the past – it just doesn’t pass anymore. The emphasis on teeth from celebrities has naturally filtered right through to the general public and pretty much every guy out there is looking for that Hollywood smile which just helps you ooze confidence.

Generally, we’re told that such smiles have to be “bought” from the dentist. In other words, we have to purchase advanced treatments to transform our teeth to a whiter shade.

Well, we’re here to tell you that this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, with a few “home hacks”, you needn’t even leave your house.

Here are the best ways to whiten your teeth instantly, from the comfort of your own home.


Basic rules: brush after food or drink

brushing teeth after food or drink for men

We’ll start with the advice that your dentist has probably already given you; make sure you brush after drinking or eating.

It’s probably one of the most challenging to do as it does take a lot of persistence, but the rewards can be so worth it.

Let’s not forget that most food or drink leaves some sort of stain, meaning that regular cleaning can remove this before the problem worsens. If you’re an avid coffee drinker it goes without saying that this advice is crucial to your teeth whitening progress – coffee is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to staining.


The old baking soda classic

using baking soda for white teeth

Next is another piece of advice that you may probably have heard. The fact that baking soda is contained in a lot of toothpastes says everything about its effectiveness and using your own concoction, you can tap into the advantages as well.

There are several ways you can use baking soda. One of the most popular is mixing about a quarter of a teaspoon with your toothpaste and brushing as normal. Another is creating a “homemade mouthwash” – mixing the substance with something like orange juice or white vinegar before swishing around in your mouth.


Crunch away the yellow

eating vegetables for white teeth

As you’ll soon start to realize, there are also certain foods which can help you whiten your teeth.

Ones which have a crunchy texture are generally the best, particularly if they are also vegetables. This means that the likes of carrots and celery are perfect.

The success of this approach stems from the fact that chewing will start to naturally clean your mouth – removing any nasty bacteria. It also helps to scrub any stains from your teeth, while the benefits of using vegetables is that the acid within them can help again with the whitening process.


Swish coconut oil around in your mouth

coconut oil is good for your teeth

The thought of swishing around oil in your mouth isn’t something which sounds particularly healthy, but it can work wonders when it comes to your teeth’s whiteness.

This has been renowned as a natural whitener for some time now and using it can be as simple as putting several drops on your toothbrush as you use your standard toothpaste. Alternatively, for even bigger benefits, consider using it as a mouthwash for several minutes per day.


Don’t just use salt for your chips

is salt good for white teeth

Again, this is something which doesn’t seem “healthy” and is probably quite disgusting. Nevertheless, we’re in the business of keeping your teeth as white as possible at home and salt is actually a key ingredient to help you achieve this.

It’s something which is contained within a lot of dental products anyway although there are a lot of alternative ways to use it. Some people will blend it with cooking soda and rub it into their teeth, while others will mix it with charcoal and brush with the mixture.

Whatever option you choose, there is a word of caution. Salt is only good in small doses and there is evidence that it can cause more harm than good if you go overboard. It can cause damage to your gums and the enamel on your teeth – so just bear this in mind if you opt for this ingredient.


Lemons work a charm as well

lemons for whiter teeth

It might be yellow in appearance, but inside a lemon are countless properties that can boost the whiteness of your teeth no-end.

Lemons actually contain their own natural bleaching qualities, which in turn can help transform that yellow discoloring which may have formed on your teeth.

This is probably one of the easiest ingredients to use as well. You can either swish lemon juice, or just gently scrub your teeth with lemon peel. Both will take seconds out of your day but are proven to make all of the difference.


Orange peel is another Godsend

orange peel for your teeth

On the subject of fruits, let’s bring another to the table. Orange peel is something else which has been found to rid teeth of that dreaded yellow appearance and again, the method in which you apply it is really simple.

Most people will simply rub the peel over their teeth before going to bed, relying on the calcium and Vitamin C to work their magic and overcome the yellow shade. If you can keep this up for several weeks, you should experience a noticeable difference in the shade of your teeth.


Another fruity suggestion – strawberries

cleaning your teeth with strawberries

We’ve regularly touched on fruits over the last few points, so let’s turn to another – strawberries.

If you take a look at the composition of strawberries, it’s no surprise that they are mentioned in this vain. They contain malice acid and supplement C, both of which are known to combat yellow stains. It means that they work wonders in tackling stains and also in removing plaque from your mouth.

To take advantage of this fruit, you will need to prepare somewhat. While some people will simply eat more strawberries, which can also be effective, the best approach is to mash them up before brushing with the resulting mixture.


Tap into spices – turmeric

turmeric spice spice to whiten your tooth

Something which probably appears on fewer shelves around the country is turmeric. The fact that this is known to stain yellow items anyway speaks volumes about its power and again you simply have to brush it on your teeth to tap into its whitening properties.


Hydrogen peroxide is proven time and time again

Finally, let’s end with an old classic.

Hydrogen peroxide is contained with countless “official” whitening products so it stands to reason that it should be included in this list of ten.

This is a substance which is known to have a clear bleaching effect, although again you should only use it in small quantities as it can do more harm than good if you opt for too much.

You can either rinse the substance in your mouth, or create a homemade paste with baking soda, to reap the rewards. If you opt for the latter, make sure you use your normal toothpaste afterwards to clear your mouth of excess hydrogen peroxide.

NOTE that hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening products are banned in europe. So if you are in europe, you can only buy bicarbonate based teeth whitening products.

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