Treating Shoulder and Chest Acne for Men – Best Products to Decrease the Appearance of Acne Scars

It seems over recent years that acne has become unfortunately common. More and more men are suffering from it and it’s now not just a condition that remains through puberty.

shoulders and chest acne

It can go on into adulthood and while the face gathers a lot of attention, shoulder and chest acne is actually even more common.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat these forms of acne. Admittedly, sometimes a trial-and-error approach has to be taken, but this isn’t an untreatable condition by any stretch of the imagination and with the right approach, you can benefit from a clear chest and shoulders.


What are the different types of shoulder and chest acne?

To make this area more confusing, there’s not just one type of acne that affects the chests and shoulders.

This is probably one of the reasons why so many men struggle to treat it – as they don’t know exactly what type they are suffering from.

Bearing this in mind, we’ll now take a look at some of the common types of acne that men suffer from in these areas of the body.


Acne Mechanica

Acne Mechanica

Acne Mechanica – Picture courtesy of

This is actually one of the easiest forms of acne to treat and is caused by basic irritation to the skin. Usually, sweat is the direct cause, with this starting to build under clothing.

Tight-fitting clothing is often to blame but if you wear anything like shoulder pads, you are also likely to be affected.

In response to this build-up of sweat, the skin will attempt to create more sebum. As anyone who has studied and researched acne will tell you, sebum is the problem-chemical with this condition.

It clogs up the pores and is the direct cause for everything from whiteheads and blackheads, to pimples.

While clothing is often the reason behind Acne Mechanica, doctors have also noted that wet suits or use of a hot tub can contribute. Nevertheless, there is usually a direct and obvious reason behind it.

The solution for this is simple – get to the root of the problem. You simply need to stop sweat occurring around the shoulders and chest – whether this involves wearing better fitting clothes or placing a material like cloth on the problem area.


Steroid Acne

Steroid Acne

Steroid Acne – Picture courtesy of

As the name suggests, this is a type of acne that is specific to steroid users. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a prescription steroid or one that is illegal, this type of acne can still occur.

Again, the solution is simple – if you stop using steroids the acne will go away. The chemicals within the steroids are causing an inflammation in the chest and shoulder regions (although it can also affect the hands, buttocks and feet).


Pustular Eruptions

Pustular Eruptions

This next form of acne is usually caused by certain antibiotics. If you take anything which contains Penicillin you will be immediately at risk, while doxycyline and co-trimoxazole can also cause the problem.

Coincidently, those last two forms of medication can be used to treat facial acne – which means it’s something of a double-edged sword.

Again, the problem should stop when you cease using the medication.


Swimming Pool Acne

Swimming Pool Acne

This is perhaps one of the more interesting forms of acne, as it can affect you years after venturing into a swimming pool.

It occurs when you swallow a form of chlorinated water – with this having the possibility to cause chloracne. For some reason, if you consume sushi or iodine supplements the outbreak can be triggered.


Yeast Infection

remedies for Yeast Infection

Scientifically known as Malassezia furfur, this type of acne starts with tiny pimples forming. Over time, these start to merge together, forming something of a plaque. Fortunately, an anti-fungal treatment should resolve the issue.


Acne Conglobata

This is one of the most severe forms of acne around, as it involves lesions (which tend to be red) joining together.

The most unfortunate thing about this form of acne is that it is usually due to genetics. The effects can be so severe that steroid antibiotics are needed to resolve the problem.

Additionally, the severity of the problem means that skin is often left damaged (or scarred) and more advanced procedures might be required to treat this.


How can shoulder and chest acne be treated?


As each individual section has already highlighted, there are usually a set of obvious responses to chest and shoulder acne. In other words – stop doing or using whatever is causing it.

The most common tips to prevent and treat acne in these areas include:

  • Showering after workouts – Unsurprisingly, this will remove any sweat that has accumulated on your shoulder and chest and minimize the risk factors.
  • Exfoliation – As well as the above, you should be looking to exfoliate your skin with a shower mitt. If you’ve never exfoliated before make sure you exercise caution – as rubbing too hard can make the problem even worse.
  • Take care with your body wash – If possible, turn to a body wash which contains something which will fight acne. When it comes to your chest and shoulders you can be more adventurous – as they don’t tend to be quite as sensitive as your face.
  • Avoid detergent soaps – Detergent soaps tend to irritate skin and this will mean that any acne that has occurred in these areas will take a lot longer to clear up. Therefore, avoid anything that contains detergents (including alcohol-based skin ointments).


What about the scarring that this acne causes?

aloe vera

Some of the conditions we have gone over shouldn’t leave scarring, although it’s worth mentioning that every person reacts to acne differently.

In other words, while some acne conditions will vanish without trace for some men, for others they may take a painstaking amount of time to clear and still leave scarring.

This is an area that is becoming much more understood and there are actually various home remedies that can help you in this respect.

If you have suffered from acne-related scarring, the following solutions may help to aid the problem:

  • Sandalwood water – Studies have found that this is one of the most soothing substances around, which makes it really useful for anyone who struggles with their skin. To use effectively, it’s advisable to soak a piece of sandalwood in water for several hours before gently applying to the scars.
  • Lemon juice – The fact that lemons contain so much vitamin C means that this is another solution that can work great for scarring. Vitamin C is known to improve the skin’s collagen and ultimately keep your skin healthy. Applying lemon juice is as easy as squeezing a lemon onto a cotton ball before touching onto the face.
  • Aloe Vera – This is probably one of the most well-known remedies, with Aloe Vera renowned for its healing ability. To use this substance, scoop out some of the jelly from the plant and apply onto the scarring. It’s understood that improvements should be noticeable after just several days.


Are there any specific products that target chest and shoulder acne?

acne creams

Unsurprisingly, more and more products are hitting the market which target this problem. However, with the market becoming almost saturated, it’s good to get an idea of what exactly is on offer.

There’s no doubt that Exposed Skin Care is the most trusted brand in the business, but we’ve also highlighted a couple of others in the form of ClearPores and One By Clear Skin Max.

Here are a few breakdowns to highlight what each brings.


Exposed Skin Care:

exposed skin care

  • Exposed Skin Care hold the most trustworthy set of products in the industry right now. They are established and in short, successful at what they do.
  • There are three products which specifically target acne; the Body Acne Kit, Probiotic Complex and Derm-X Body Cloth.
  • The Body Acne Kit is a set of three products which are priced at $34.95. It includes a body wash, serum and cloth that work together to kill acne bacteria, regulate your sebum levels, clear pores and calm any inflammation in relation to body acne.
  • Probiotic Complex on the other hand works to “balance your body from the inside”. In other words, it will provide all of the vitamins and minerals to boost your skin’s complexion and guard against future problems. This is priced at $34.95 and is capsule-based.
  • The third product is Derm-X Body Cloth. This is perfect for anyone who has suffered from scarring in the past as it is effectively a microdermabrasion tool. It will exfoliate dead skin cells, whilst removing any oil or dirt which may cause future problems. This costs just $9.95.
  • One of the big benefits about this brand is the guarantee. Exposed Skin Care state that if you don’t have “clear, beautiful, acne-free skin” within 30 days, you can obtain a full refund.
  • As well as this, the company have a separate one year guarantee which means that you can still claim your money back if your skin isn’t blemish-free throughout the 365 days you use it.
  • Impressively, less than 5% of past customers have taken advantage of this money-back guarantee. In other words, the products seem to work brilliantly.

Visit The Official Exposed Skin Care Website




  • Next on the list is ClearPores. This is a slightly smaller brand, but one that still boasts a fantastic reputation in the acne field.
  • This time it’s just one product which is doing all of the work – although it’s a 3-step acne recovery system. The steps will work to install balance “from the inside” (just like Exposed Skin Care) – using a natural supplement to replenish your vitamin levels so your skin has a firm complexion to start with. As well as this, they will wash your skin to clear any breakouts, as well as using a cream to provide added protection.
  • ClearPores has been backed by medical professionals from all over the world. They have risked their reputation – they would only do this for products that work.
  • It’s possible to purchase the product either for the face or body, with the former priced at $53.99 while the option for body acne is $56.39.
  • Just like the previous product, ClearPores arrives with a generous refund policy. This time, its 90-days long – allowing you the optimum amount of time to test the product before making a final decision.
  • ClearPores has been put together by Leading Edge Marketing. This company are responsible for some of the biggest supplements in the world and there is every indication that ClearPores will follow suit.

Visit The Official ClearPores Website


One By Clear Skin Max

one by clear skin max

  • The final product we are going to look at is One By Clear Skin Max. Just like the other products we have looked at, One By Clear Skin Max relies on a 3-way solution, looking to clean and protect the skin, whilst also offering relief from scarring.
  • To clarify, the solution will sooth any angry outbreaks which may have occurred, prevent and heal any spots whilst reducing any scars that may have appeared over time.
  • Using the product isn’t going to take hours out of your day-to-day schedule. Simply clean your skin, before using the “dropper” to add a tiny amount of One by Clear Skin Max to your fingers before then applying to the problem areas.
  • The product is comprised of 100% natural ingredients. It means that side effects won’t occur and your skin isn’t going to suddenly develop another outbreak because of the product.
  • The price of One By Clear Skin Max is comparable to the others we have looked at through this guide. It retails for $60.18 for a standard supply.
  • This is another product which arrives with a decent refund policy. This time, you will have 60 days to decide whether or not it is for you.
  • One By Clear Skin Max has been brought to market by Bauer Nutrition. This is a huge indicator that the product is going to make it big – Bauer are one of the most successful supplement brands around.

Visit The Official One By Clear Skin Max Website

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