Top 5 Fall Fragrances For Men – Best Niche & Designer Perfumes For The 2018 Autumn Season

Some guys will slap on their standard perfume regardless of the occasion. They have a go-to fragrance whether it’s for the office, date night or a formal evening out.

If you’re looking to turn heads and make people take you seriously – ditch the above approach.


Fall is coming and it means that your perfume cupboard needs to be prepared. Some brands will excel during this season, while others will flop and be more suited to the summer months.

To make life easier, we’ve compiled our five favorite fall fragrances.


Thierry Mugler Angel Men Pure Malt (eau de toilette)




It’s been around since 1973, so it’s fair to say that Thierry Mugler is a brand which knows what it’s doing when it comes to male fragrances.

In the case of A*Men Pure Malt, this is a product which has been established for several years having first been released in 2009. While it may carry the Mugler branding, it was perfumer Jacquees Huclier who created the fragrance. Huclier aimed to create a fragrance which honored traditional Scottish whiskey, meaning that it takes advantage of some woody and spicy aromas which create something of a sophisticated odor.

When one takes a look at the notes of this perfume, the previous paragraph becomes abundantly clear. Its top notes are fruity, while its middle notes are formed of woody malt. The base notes of A*Men Pure Malt are peat and oriental, which all-in-all provides a real mix. In fact, to look at the fragrance from a non-technical viewpoint, many have suggested that it has a somewhat chocolatey scent, with a touch of peppermint.

The fact that A*Men Pure Malt provides that woody scent, based on whiskey, means that a lot of people like to wear it on cold evenings where casual attire is the chosen dress code. Of course, this isn’t a scent which is only reserved for the winter months, the general consensus is that the scent is perfect for an evening out, where impressing is the main aim.

In terms of longevity, the fragrance certainly stands the test of time. We have found that it can last up to eight hours which will suffice for the vast majority of occasions.

The projection meanwhile is also rated very well. A*Men Pure Malt has not been created to be overpowering, for the simple fact that it contains sweet scents which would work against it in large projection quantities. Instead, it could be said that anyone within one foot of you will certainly take full advantage of the scent, while anyone within a three foot radius will pick it up as well. It’s not something that will stretch across the room but again, in the case of this fragrance, this is a positive.

The one area where the fragrance perhaps falls is its versatility. As we’ve already commented, it’s not necessarily reserved for just one time of the year, but it’s certainly more suited during the colder months in winter and fall where its warm, heavy scents can shine.

A*Men Pure Malt retails for approximately $88 for a 100ml bottle.

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Armani Code Profumo (eau de parfum)




Having been launched in 2016, there’s no doubt that this is one of the newest fragrances to don our list.

It would be fair to say that the brand is one of the most established around, mainly because Armani has been succeeding in various sectors of the fashion and fragrance industry since 1975. It means they boast some immense history and with over one hundred fragrances to their name, for both sexes, they know what they are doing.

When it comes to Armani Code Profumo, they have invested significantly in the fragrance notes. The top notes are formed of cardamom, green apple and green mandarin, while the heart notes are classed as nutmeg, orange blossom and lavender. The base notes for this fragrance are leather, amber and Tonka bean. All of the above means that it can be quite difficult to imagine just what scent this fragrance provides. To clarify, coffee and vanilla are two of the obvious scents that you will pick up initially, while the apple, cardamom and mandarin will occur a little later.

It could be said that it’s one of those scents which is best suited for informal occasions, or in other words, one that is appropriate for day-to-day use. This is perhaps emphasized in its longevity, with Armani Code Profumo tending to last for at least twelve hours meaning that it still keeps strong towards the end of a day, and beyond.

Nevertheless, while it might be useful for those informal occasions, like all of the fragrances on our list it is best suited to fall and winter. All in all, it means that it’s still quite a versatile fragrance.

On a final note, the projection of Armani Code Profumo has proven to a hot topic in the industry. A combination of excellent longevity and powerful projection means that it has been classed as a “beast” by many. In other words, if you want to stand out and wear something that others ask questions of, this is a fragrance which certainly ticks the boxes.

Armani Code Profumo is available for around $90 for a 110ml bottle.

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Amouage Reflection Man (Eau de parfum)




Amouage Reflection Man may have been built by a company who have donned the perfume industry for more than 35 years, and already this niche brand have made huge headway in the industry and are seen as one of the best of their kind.

Lucas Sieuzac was the perfumer behind this fragrance and he has undoubtedly attempted to include as many sweet scents as possible. In fact, as the fragrance starts to dry, it becomes even sweeter, while it also tends to bring in a slight musty scent which works well.

The above shouldn’t come as a surprise when one takes a look at the fragrance notes for this product. On top, it is comprised of biter orange leaves, red pepper berries and rosemary – which in itself highlights just why there is so much sweetness. The heart notes are formed of orris, neroli and jasmine, with the latter being the most prevalent out of the three. In terms of the base notes, cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli are all used.

Many have lauded Amouage Reflection Man’s versatility and while some have suggested that it is suited for any occasion, it probably veers towards the formal side. In other words, it’s a good white shirt and tie fragrance – whether this works in the office setting or for a formal evening out. It could be said that while it excels during fall, it could easily be worn all through the year as well.

Amouage Reflection Man performs well in relation to its longevity as well; usually lasting up to six hours before dying down somewhat. Its projection is quite strong in the first couple of hours before again decreasing.

The price of Amouage Reflection Man is certainly worth mentioning and it’s undoubtedly at the upper end of the scale.

A 100ml bottle tends to retail for around $280 but again, we’ll reiterate the fact that this is a niche fragrance, made from more quality ingredients, and the higher price is to be expected.

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Carolina Herrera CH Men Privé (Eau de toilette)




CH Men Privé was released in 2015 and is regarded as a prime fall fragrance. With over 70 perfumes in the Carolina Herrera family, this is a product which is blessed by an established brand in the male perfume industry.

If there ever was an example of a fall fragrance, CH appears to have found it. CH Men Privé is exceptionally strong and the whiskey scent is extremely prevalent. However, as well as the alcohol, many have also commented on the sweetness of this fragrance which creates a really interesting scent.

In terms of the science, the fact that whiskey is the sole heart note will come as expected. The top notes are grapefruit, sage, red thyme, lavender and cardamom, while the base notes are formed of leather, benzoin and Tonka. With such a concoction of ingredients, the final result is sophisticated and despite the inclusion of whiskey, it’s by no means just targeted for older gentlemen which can sometimes be the case with other products formed from this ingredient.

In fact, CH Men Privé is seen as very versatile for that reason. It could be said that it’s more suited to casual occasions, such as a dinner or date-night, although it still wouldn’t be completely out of place in formal settings.

Something that has become renowned with Men Privé is its longevity. This is a fragrance where it’s not been unheard of for the scent to stay present for more than fifteen hours, which is bordering on staggering. If we return to the versatility issue we’ve just looked at, this naturally opens it up to several more occasions.

On the flip side, the projection of CH Men Privé isn’t quite as strong as other fall fragrances and would have to be classed as average, but most definitely acceptable.

In terms of the price, CH Men Privé is seen as an affordable option and can be bought for around $60 for a 100ml bottle.

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Tom Ford Noir Extreme (Eau de parfum)




Let’s now take a look at Tom Ford Noir Extreme. Anyone who keeps tabs on the perfume industry will know all about Tom Ford; this is the guy who was the in-house perfumer for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent meaning that his own brand has made plenty of headlines. With over sixty different perfumes now in the catalog, they now have lots of experience as well.

Like a lot of the fragrances that have been looked at, Tom Ford Noir Extreme boasts something of a sweet scent. However, mixed in with this is smoky wood, which creates a unique and interesting blend.

To achieve this, Tom Ford Noir Extreme takes advantage of mandarin, saffron, nutmeg, neroli and cardamom as its top notes – with the nutmeg being particular prevalent here. It then has mastric, rose, orange blossom and jasmine as its heart notes which provide the fruity scent, with woods, amber, vanilla and sandalwood as the base notes.

It would be fair to describe its projection levels as moderate and in comparison to the other four bottles, it’s nowhere near as strong. Nevertheless, some have complimented the mildness and suggested that it just adds to the overall charm of the product.

One area where the perfume does score very highly is its longevity. In this regard it is one of the best around and will comfortably stay on your skin for the whole day.

This brings us onto the point of where Tom Ford Noir Extreme should be used. The fruity and woody aroma instantly means that it’s a hit for fall, while these characteristics mean that it’s also designed for evening use. There are some suggestions that it would be more suited to the younger man as well, for the casual occasion.

This is another one of the more expensive products on the list, with a 100ml bottle being available for around $122.

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