Who Really Ruins Your Gym Workouts? The 7 Most Annoying People

There are some people who are head-over-heels in love with the gym, but for most of us it’s a place we can’t get out of quick enough. We go there because we must; we must shed those extra pounds, and we must carve that beach body that women adore.

The general consensus about why we hate the gym is because of the intensity. Who wants to finish a long, hard day at the office with sweat pouring from their brow?

man going crazy


While that is true to an extent, there’s another reason. Most of our gym sessions aren’t ruined by the slog on the treadmill – but rather the other people who are in the same room.

You’ve probably already got a good idea on the type of people we’re talking about but to highlight it in black and white, here’s our lowdown on the seven types of people who just ruin our gym workouts.


Mr Intensity

intense trainer

We’re all for an enthusiastic gym workout, but some people really do push it too far, don’t they?

These guys might have the body to die for (and the premium clothing to go with it), but let’s be honest – they do nothing for our own self confidence.

Whether it’s lifting weights bordering on the ridiculous, the scary voice or the veins that look set to explode in someone else’s direction, for most of us these men are our pet hates.

Some might be personal trainers, but we don’t care. We might want to look like them one day, but we don’t need it shoved in our face every day.


The Guy With Tennis-esque Grunts

screaming guy while training

Next, we’ve got the guy who really belongs on Centre Court. Grunts in any sport annoy the hell out of us, but when it comes to gym these moans just take it to another level.

It doesn’t matter whether you are stood right next to this guy, or in a room at the completely opposite side of the building. We all know when they’re in, with our eardrums often giving way every time they lift a set of weights that is clearly too much for them.

If you happen to forget your iPod one day, you’ve got this beautiful string of grunts to listen to. How long will you last?


The Yoga Bum

yoga in the gym

Perhaps not as common as the other two types we’ve looked at, but the Yoga Bum is still someone who is a little too prevalent at gyms up and around the country.

As the name suggests, their speciality is yoga and if you were to identify them, anything from long hair to a generally un-kept approach is something that’s normally noted.

Of course, such individuals wouldn’t concern us in most cases. They don’t grunt, and they don’t have veins that make most of us squirm.

However, they still find a way to get on our nerves. Philosophical quotes real off the tip of their tongue at record speeds, while they have levels of flexibility which just seems unnatural for a person who looks out of shape anyway.


Those That “Hang Out” in The Locker Room

locker room

We’ve spoken about those guys that love to show off their muscles. They are bad enough, but there’s an even worse type – those men that just let it all hang out in the locker rooms.

Venturing out into the main gym is unheard of; they spend the whole of their session lingering in the locker rooms – usually completely naked.

The problem multiplies as they seem to gaze at anyone who catches their eye; namely, you. It brings a complete degree of awkwardness to the gym experience and after a gruelling workout, it’s the last thing we need.


The Sweat Bucket

sweat bucket in the gym

It doesn’t matter who you are (even if you fall into the Mr Intensity category above) – this is the one person that we all hate. In fact, if a gym has too many of these individuals, there’s a good chance that their membership rates will shrink at unprecedented speeds.

The person we’re talking about is that guy who, regardless of how much perspiration oozes out of his body, just doesn’t wipe down the machines after using them.

He’s the type of guy who looks like he’s just done ten lengths in the pool, rather than on the rowing machine, and transfers all of this sweat right the way to the machines that you and everyone else work on.

It’s not only for smell and hygiene purposes, these guys happen to make our gyms really dangerous. Whether it’s slipping in their puddles of sweat, or your hands just not being able to grip those immense weights – the sweat bucket is someone to avoid at all costs.


Mr Know-It-All/Mr Obese

fat giving advice

This next guy probably isn’t just reserved for the gym; he’s someone who you’ll come across in any sport of choice. Some people just can’t resist passing on their advice and when it comes to the gym, it’s usually a rather obese man that’s there to guide you along your way.

It’s hard enough trying to follow advice from a personal trainer, or the experts on the small screen, but when you’re hearing it from someone with a beer-gut it’s enough to tip you over the edge.

Their days don’t involve getting everything out of their own workouts; they’ll do everything in their power to find a next victim to “educate”.


Let me Take a Selfie


And finally, we’re in the era of the selfie. It’s usually women who are the biggest offenders for this, but don’t be surprised if you see a well-chiselled guy doing the same thing.

Little else needs to be said about this type of person – they’re always on their phone and usually donning the latest designer exercise gear.

What does this matter to you? Well, most of the time they’ll be in your way as they pose for their phone and without trying to stereotype, there’s a big chance that they are loud, abrasive and just downright annoying as well.

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