3 Steps to Get Rid Of Man Boobs (Gynecomastia) & Build a Sculpted Chest

Take a trip to your local newsagent, pick up a bunch of national papers and you’ll probably notice one thing – they all feature men with the dreaded man boobs.

However, this isn’t a problem which is only reserved for the rich and famous who can afford a different holiday every week of the year, it’s also something which can affect the Average Joe.

Sculpted chest - no man boobs

Fortunately, there are solutions and your upper body doesn’t have to be left hanging the next time you strip. This three step guide should help you some of the way and hopefully see the boobs replaced with a sculpted chest.


Step #1 – Ditch The Fat

It might sound simple, but the first step just revolves around ditching all of the fat that has accumulated in the ‘boob’ areas. This is the main reason behind the problem, although there are countless ways to counteract this issue.


  • The first method is the tried and tested one; dieting.

man on diet to get ird of boobs

Swapping that Big Mac for a banana might feel like the hardest thing you’ll have to do at some points in the day, but it will ultimately shed the fat like nothing before. Fortunately, dieting doesn’t always have to be too excessive and there are now countless methods that can help you stay trim but also happy.

Calorie counting is one of the most proven around, while you could also turn to something more commercial like the South Beach Diet, Raw Food Diet or the Mediterranean Diet. Of course, all have their pros and cons and share the same philosophy of lowering the amount of ‘bad’ foods you consume.


  • A slightly more modern solution is weight loss supplements.

lose weight with supplements

Some might suggest that they cut corners, but every single pill that is on the official market nowadays has been deemed safe. Unfortunately, we can’t say that they are all effective, yet the principles behind many of them are believable.

For example, some will increase your body temperature to encourage fat to burn more quickly, while others will look to reduce your appetite so you don’t feel the need to stock up on food. We should add that the supplements market has developed significantly over the years and while it was once tarnished with a negative reputation, nowadays it’s seen as safe and quite often worthwhile.

Our recommended product is Phen375, the best fat burner and appetite suppressant in the market today.


  • Tackle the source of the problem

chest measure

As the purpose of this article is to show you how to eradicate the man boobs, we should perhaps switch our attention to a more specialised solution. As you may have guessed from the last paragraph, we’re quite a fan of weight loss supplements – as long as they are bought from a reputable establishment and are based on tried and tested weight loss theories.

Therefore, if you consume a product such as Gynexin, you should see a considerable difference. This not only specifically tackles the fatty cells, but also concentrates solely on the mammary glands. As such, it’s ideal for those that do have enlarged breasts.


Step #2 – Feed Your Muscles

Whilst you concentrate on burning off all that fat, you shouldn’t negate to spend time building some muscle as well. It will hasten the process of losing the ‘boobs’, as the fat will simply be converted into muscle and improve the overall appearance.

Now, the purpose of this article isn’t to tailor an exercise regime straight to your needs. That’s what personal trainers are for and as everyone is different, we’re not going to delve down that route just yet. While the final step of the process will comment on some of the exercises you can work on, before you get down and dirty it’s time to look at some dietary tips.

The first revolves around eating the right food and as we mentioned in the previous section, now is the time to ditch the Big Mac meal and concentrate on a balanced diet. Whole grains, protein, fruits, vegetables and fibre form part of this plan – while you should at least be looking to reduce your intake of any fast food or snacks that so often take your fancy.

vegetables fruits

The next tip might sound a little strange, as we’re going to encourage you to eat MORE than three meals a day. One might assume that you should be looking to consume fewer, but in order to facilitate that muscle growth you will need a sufficient amount of fuel. Usually, you’ll have to time your extra meals about an hour before your workouts, with this then providing you with sufficient energy to undertake your exercises.

Another suggestion, and this will be another major alteration to the diets of a lot of readers, is to drink as much water as possible. Ten glasses a day is probably sufficient, and as well as hydrating you will also help your body process the additional protein that should be arriving from other sections of your new-look diet.

man drinking water

Finally, we’ll revert to our supplement tip. In terms of exercising, you can’t get much better than creatine which encourages the body to adapt and promote the muscle growth. This is the ingredient that practically every single person who is looking to chisel their body to perfection will start to take.

You can Visit MyProtein for protein based supplements.

Or make your own protein bars at home!


Step #3 – Hit The Gym – 5 Secret Tips for Building a Sculpted Chest

If you’ve reached this point, congratulations – you’re almost there. Most of the legwork has been done, although you’ve still got to get to work in the gym to see the full effects of your new chest area. It’s certainly not an easy stage, but by the end of your regime your man boobs should have been transformed into magazine-esque shape.


The likes of the pec dec, dips, push-ups, seated chest press and the barbell bench press are some of the most common exercises you can complete in this regard. Unfortunately, there are several guidelines that you should stick to in a bid to maximise your chances for success. If you can keep to the following five tips, you’ll have every chance of reaping the rewards of this long, three-step journey.

It’s easier of course to use proteins and steroids while working out.

Tip #1:

Make sure you use appropriate weights. ‘Newbies’ at the gym have the habit of picking up the largest weights, only to pull a muscle several minutes later. While there are no official guidelines published, most people adopt the rule of benching one-and-a-half times their body weight. Stick to these principles, and you should stay off the treatment table and made notable difference to your chest.


Tip #2:

There is always the debate about whether to opt for intensity or volume, so try and do both. For some sessions go for the big weights, while on others take on lighter ones but with more repetitions. If you can, try and start with the high reps at the start of your workout though, this will help to overload your chest.


Tip #3:

Another hotly debated subject revolves around working out on a flat, inclined or declined level. If you are looking to improve your local chest area, recent studies have highlighted that the decline option should be utilised.


Tip #4:

Don’t become a lollypop. What do we mean by this? Some people will work on just one region of their body, and then wonder why they’re unbalanced. As you’re working on your chest, you must invest time into your upper back as well.


Tip #5:

Finally, work on that posture. In all of the chest exercises the rotator cuff is put under considerable pressure, but by fine-tuning this with exercises of its own you’ll be able to sustain it more easily.

Our recommended Legal steroid is Dianabol, the best body building supplement nowadays.

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