Gain Muscles Quickly With The Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements For Men

Testosterone is a component that has been associated with big, bulging muscles for years and in short, if this is what you are seeking, you should be looking to maximise the amount of the hormone in your body.

testosterone booster for bodybuilding

Unfortunately, this is a hormone which can limit your ability to grow these muscles. Even if you invest in the best personal trainer in the world, follow his advice down to a tee, there’s still a chance that you won’t boast those curved biceps if your testosterone levels are low.

After all, this is a growth hormone and if you have very little of it in your body, it significantly hinders your ability to grow.

One misconception is that testosterone is only associated with men. While this is true to an extent, as males produce much more of the hormone through their testes, let’s not forget that this is a substance which can also be found in the female body.

At this point it’s all about the numbers though and as women produce much less quantities of the hormone, it immediately makes their job of building muscles much harder.

This is why men are known to be much stronger than women; it all boils down to testosterone.


What Exactly Is Testosterone?

As we’ve already determined, testosterone is a hormone that is primarily associated with males.

testosterone biochemistryIt is responsible for producing various “manly” characteristics such as a deep voice and body hair, but more importantly for the purposes of this article it’s also an anabolic steroid.

What this means is that it’s able to facilitate muscle growth, and ultimately give us those beach body arms, abs or whatever other muscles we desire.

Additionally, there is also evidence that it lowers the body fat and this is again the reason why a lot more women struggle to shift the pounds compared to men. They simply don’t produce enough of the substance.


Another group that might be lacking in the testosterone department, albeit on a much lower scale, are those who are in their mid-30s or older.

Unless you are a very healthy man, research has already concluded that these individuals experience a drop in the hormone and again, this makes muscle building very difficult.

testosterone decline with age


At this point, you’ve hopefully grasped the concept that without testosterone, men would find it much harder to build those muscles.

The scary thing is, studies showed that testosterone levels in men declined over the past two decades, mainly because of our new eating habits. read more details on that here.

Bearing this in mind, it’s no surprise that many of us turn to testosterone boosting supplements – which do exactly as they say on the tin, as we’ll now find out.


What Are Testosterone Boosters?

More testosterone makes it easy for us to build bigger muscles, so it’s only natural that we turn to something to aid this process.

Therefore, testosterone boosters are proving to be increasingly popular. They simply boost the testosterone levels in our bodies, and thus make it that much easier for us to build muscle.

At this point we should perhaps highlight another misconception which revolves around exercise.

Even if you are producing mammoth amounts of testosterone, it will be for very little effect if you don’t work out accordingly.

The hormone is almost like a helping hand before you hit the gym; it will make you stronger, provide you with much more stamina whilst also allowing you to recover more quickly and ultimately increase the muscle size at faster rates.

man with more stamina because of testosterone

They are not a “plug and play” device, if there was ever such a term, whereby you just take them and watch your muscles balloon into size.


How to Use Testosterone Boosting Products?

This is hormone which has to be treated very carefully and most athletes will only use it for a brief amount of time, before resting.

Naturally, if you are looking to build muscles as big as you possibly can, you’ll probably be looking to stay on a supplement for a prolonged length of time.

gain-muscles testosterone

However, most of the time it will be a temporary solution, although the benefit of some of the more recently released supplements is that they can encourage the body to naturally produce increased amounts of the hormone even after the course of treatment.


What Are The Best Testosterone Boosters Available?


Nowadays, the market is absolutely flooded with testosterone boosters; whether they arrive in oral form, or as an injection.
Through our research, a product called Sync Testosterone appeared to perform the best and provided users with a lot more value than many competing solutions.


Here’s what we found with testogen.


  • TestoGen is made by Marlia Health, a pioneer in manufacturing health & wellness supplements, with over 30 years of combined industry experience. We absolutely love everything they make.
  • We mentioned in the early part of this article how some products can naturally spark more testosterone production, even after they have stopped being taken. TestoGen falls into this category and as soon as you start taking the supplement, you will be immediately aiding your natural testosterone production ability for years to come.
  • It goes without saying that certain products in this industry are controversial to say the least, but TestoGen is manufactured by a trusted UK and US company which will give you that essential confidence to try it, which is essential if you are going to successfully adapt it into your daily life.
  • Similarly, all of the ingredients used in Testogenare of pharmaceutical quality and completely pure, which will again give you that illusive trust that’s behind any successful product in this field.
  • The price of buying a one month supply is affordable at $57.45 / £34.95, but with six bottles for six month supply being available at $196.35 / £119.85 it means that TestoGen is considerably cheaper than many of its rivals.
  • When you also factor in the 60-day money-back guarantee, it means that little financial risk is required on your part and there is again much more confidence associated with this product than competing ones.


We highly recommend TestoGen.

 You can click here to read our full review of TestoGen

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2 testosterone max

Testosterone Max is a legal steroid based on the testosterone concept.

From a seemingly young age we have all been told about the power of this hormone, which mainly finds itself in the male body. It’s responsible for promoting increased muscle and bone mass, which are crucial benefits for that bigger, toned body we all crave.

Unfortunately, finding a suitable supplement is easier said than done, with testosterone being a hormone that must be taken in moderation in a bid to curb its benefits.

Too much of the substance can promote reckless behaviour, acne and male-pattern hair growth. Fortunately, the concoction of Testosterone MAX has been tested to ensure that it only includes the optimal levels of the substance, and such side effects are non-existent.

testosterone max

The product relies on the extract Tribulus Terrestris, with the concentration being double that of most competing products. The inclusion of this extract means that the body is able to enhance protein synthesis, and ultimately encourage gains in strength.

As well as this, the ingredient has been known to be responsible for causing an increase in blood flow. It means that you are also likely to benefit from a whole host of sexual advantages, ranging from an enhanced libido to better performance in the bedroom.

This is one of the reasons why Testosterone MAX is sometimes prescribed as a solution for erectile dysfunction.

Read Our Testosterone Max Review

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hgh testosterone plus

As the name of this product indicates, the main way in which it works is increasing the levels of testosterone within the body. The manufacturers have been fairly secretive describing how they do this, and simply refer to the concoction of materials as their “proprietary testosterone blend”.

Considering the fact that numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the product, we won’t question exactly how it is formed but just agree that it does work and does produce those increased levels of the hormone (mainly using HGH, Zinc and Calcium).

While there might be a degree of secrecy in relation to what ingredients are used to prompt the enhanced levels of testosterone, the manufacturers have been more open with some of their other components.

One of these is the patented Bioperine, which has been included to ensure that the testosterone is delivered at record speeds. This means that it’s much easier to convert testosterone at exactly the times you need it.

hgh testosterone

For most people, this will be before a workout, in a bid to maximise the results of your training session and build muscle that little bit quicker.

HGH Testosterone Plus also relies on “Long Jack“, which is scientifically referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia.

This component has been included to boost sexual activity, meaning that the product can work from both a muscle-building and sexually enhancing perspective.

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