The Importance of Consuming an Electrolyte Drink During Exercise

Exercise is one of those activities that most people just love to hate. As we humans just love to experience pleasure, we might be averse to the idea of pain in any form. Any kind of hard labor or exercise is one of the things that are not really pleasurable in the general sense.

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It involves a lot of movement and discipline, two of the very things an average human doesn’t really want to go through. However, exercise is important in keeping our selves active because unused muscles and bones can lead to dystrophy and other medical complications. Obesity is also becoming rampant in modern societies, and changes should start from the person themselves.

Another benefit of exercise aside from weight loss is releasing byproducts from our skin like excess water. There are a lot of things that goes with the water once it gets out of our system. This process, all known as perspiration, also helps in maintaining our normal body temperature.

When we exercise, our bodies excrete water from the skin to control our temperature. Once this goes higher or lower, it can be the cause of cardiovascular diseases and other physical conditions. As we lost water, we also need to replenish it by drinking more water. However, this might not be enough anymore. Read more about this here.


Water is essential for us to live, which is why we need to drink enough of it every day. All of our needs for water might be different, but it functions in the same way. If we are doing any kind of work, we should have water at arm’s reach so that we can replenish our bodies immediately.

This also helps in keeping us mentally active as dehydration can also affect our mental capabilities. On the other hand, there are certain activities that needs more than just water.

Sports drinks are one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are a lot of variations available in the market these days and they are something you can enjoy anytime. One of the added ingredients to sports drinks are electrolytes or salts.

These substances are very important to our cells as they are the guards of our cell membrane from too much or too little H2O. Wherever there is a higher concentration for salt, water always follows. As we exercise, our sweat glands receive these cells and forms sweat to combat high temperatures and release electrolytes from the body.



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However, one of the major concerns of sports drinkers are the sugar or glucose in these sports drinks. It is true that this is needed for energy because sugars are carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are so called fuel for humans since it gives us the energy we need to move.

If there is too much sugar in your diet, it can lead to higher blood pressures and eventual health problems. Even though these commercial sports drinks are still rather popular, others are starting to look for alternatives. One of these is the natural sports drinks.

Most commercial sports drinks are made from water and a combination of flavorings, colors, salts and sugar. On the other hand, most natural sports drinks are made from actual fruit juice, water and salts. These are now becoming more popular especially some of their options are vegan and diet friendly. Other products like the natural electrolyte drink from DrinkGT also use coconut juice which has more flavor and other electrolytes. If you are looking for a better substitute, you can go for these brands.

You can also make your own natural sports drink! There are many recipes online that uses just water, natural fruit juice and a hybrid of salts to produce their own sports drinks. As more people turn to the DIY lifestyle, this has also become a trend to many millennials since it is rather easy to make.

There are even YouTube videos that guide you on how to make a proper sports drink. Just make sure though that you actually need those extra electrolytes before you even drink any kind of sports drink. Water is still considered as the best drink after exercise, but these electrolyte drinks don’t hurt either.


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