Legal Winstrol Alternatives: What do They do and What are The Best on The Market?

It’s not really a closely-kept secret that most guys want to be ultra-strong, but ultra-lean at the same time. Unfortunately, this is much harder than the magazine front covers make it appear.

legal winstrol alternatives

This is where legal steroids have entered the picture over the years. One of the most popular to aid with the above is Winstrol but as we all know, its side effects are even more intense than its benefits.

This has paved the way for legal alternatives to step in. Through the course of this guide we will now take a look at just how these work, and what you should be looking for in them.



What does Winstrol do?

Little needs to be said about this first question. All you need to know is that Winstrol is a steroid which boosts your strength, whilst helping your body to eliminate fat. The result of this is that of course you are going to gain the “ripped” appearance in record speeds.

Of course, there is a massive caveat here. First and foremost, before you attempt to head to the store to purchase it, we should remind you that it’s illegal and therefore nigh-on impossible to buy. Those of you that somehow do manage to get your hands on it will find that it comes at a hefty premium as well.

However, the biggest problem with Winstrol are the side effects. We don’t need to go over all of the nasty effects here, but some include man boobs and irreversible liver damage. In short, they are not pleasant in the slightest.


What are legal Winstrol alternatives?

Following on from the above, the good news is that there is now a viable alternative for those looking for true Winstrol benefits.

This viable alternative is legal and more importantly, completely safe for your body. They have all the same effects, including a boost to your muscle size, strength and reduced fat levels. All of this arrives without any risks to your body (and no costly prescriptions, either).


How do the legal Winstrol products work?

The next question on the tip of your tongue is probably how exactly these products work. Naturally, each one is going to vary in how it affects the human body, but we will now run over some of the common ways in which they are able to prompt such immense results.

Their secret is contained in a concoction of natural ingredients (some of which we will look at shortly) which combine to give the body effects that are pretty unheard of.

One of these effects is improving blood flow. The more blood that is able to flow to your muscles, the more nutrients and oxygen which is delivered to them. Ultimately, they are able to work harder, and develop faster.

Another way in which they can work is increasing the number of testosterone receptors in the body. This is arguably one of the smartest ways in which they function; they are able to bind more free testosterone which is roaming around your body. In short, this makes your body much more efficient, as in general it does not use every bit of testosterone that is available to it. Legal Winstrol alternatives can rectify this and therefore give you all of the testosterone benefits that we are all aware of.

Another method is the way they help you to preserve your lean muscle mass. This is something that a lot of people struggle with; they lose muscle as they start their calorie deficit. In simple terms, it tells your body to tap into fat instead of muscle.

Finally, these products work to eliminate water retention. This is purely an aesthetic benefit, but one that you will really appreciate. Most of us retain far too much water and this can disguise any fat that we’ve actually lost. Once this unnecessary water is eliminated, you’ll look more ripped than ever before.


What ingredients should you look out for in the legal alternatives?

Something that you will find as you study this market is that there is a lot of marketing hype between each and every Winstrol alternative that hits the market. The best thing you can do is see straight through this, and instead analyze the finer details.

When we talk about the finer details, we’re referring to the ingredients that make up Winstrol alternatives. Suffice to say, some are more effective than others, and we will now take a look at some of these in-detail.



While leucine might be found in a lot of foods, it goes without saying that you need more of it to really reap the benefits. It’s something that is able to really enhance your strength.


Safflower Oil

The purpose of safflower oil is to help your body burn more fat. Winstrol was renowned as product which allowed you to shed fat, rather than store it. The way in which safflower oil works simply mimics this effect.


Wild Yam Root

This next ingredient is all about boosting your energy levels. As we all know, with more energy we can really work harder at the gym in a bid to get those elusive results. There have also been studies that wild yam root aids with sex drive.


Acetyl L-Carnitine

This is one of those ingredients which seems to make its way into a lot of supplements, and it’s for very good reason. This is an ingredient that is proven to increase your performance and help you burn more fat. All of this is because it influences your testosterone receptors and as we all know, this is the key hormone which helps your body develop positively.


Choline Bitartrate

The reason behind this next ingredient is lypolysis. In simple terms, the quicker your lypolysis the more fat you are going to burn.


Do legal alternatives have any side effects?

As you might have already gathered, one of the big positives about these legal alternatives is that side effects don’t exist. This is solely because they use natural ingredients, which won’t have any adverse effects on the body. They are completely safe.


What are the best Winstrol alternatives on the market?

As you can see, the demand for legal Winstrol alternatives is only growing. We will now take a look at three of the best products on the market to point you in the right direction.



Developed by Crazy Bulk, this is regarded as the market leader and in truth, it’s no surprise why. Let’s now take a look at a breakdown of the product:

  • Manufacturer Crazy Bulk are the biggest name in the business and are officially the top legal steroid brand in the world.
  • Winsol will boost your strength and help you cut fat at the same time.
  • The product will reduce your water retention, meaning that you will appear leaner than ever before.
  • It has been developed from completely natural ingredients (four of the five that we looked at previously). In other words, the science says that it works.
  • The product has had hundreds of satisfied customers, with some sterling results from each. Furthermore, these results have occurred in no time at all.
  • Winsol doesn’t have a shipping charge (to anywhere in the world), whilst you can also take advantage of multi-buy bottles.


  • You have to use the official website to buy the product; it’s not available from some of the “usual” retailers like Amazon.
  • It is priced quite expensively if you don’t buy it in bulk. It can cost as much as $61.99 for a one month supply.


This next product has been brought to market by Marine Muscle. It’s one of the newer products, but don’t let that discredit it. It can be summarized as follows:

  • Winger uses a similar ingredients formulation as Winsol – meaning that science is once again on its side.
  • You will burn fat quicker than ever, whilst boosting your strength levels as well.
  • It is officially classed as “military grade”, meaning that it’s ideal for those of you who want an extra push.
  • Any purchase in the USA is subject to free shipping.


  • The biggest drawback is that this is only available in the USA. It’s not currently possible to buy on the international market.
  • It’s priced about $8 more than Winsol, while there are currently no multi buy options available.
  • It will go without saying that Marine Muscle don’t quite have the reputation of Crazy Bulk just yet, as they are still quite a young brand.


The final recommendation is Winadrol, which is developed by This can be broken down as follows:

  • Like all of the products we have looked at, Winadrol will boost your strength and cut your fat levels for the optimum body.
  • It takes advantage of leuicine, which has been proven to be one of the best legal Winstrol ingredients around.
  • The product has been put together with the help of IFBB bodybuilders, which simply enhances its reputation and shows that it does work.


The ingredients are masked under a proprietary blend, which means we don’t know exactly what is contained in Winadrol.

A one month supply retails for more than $95, which is significantly more than the other products. Additionally, free shipping is only available on orders more than $249.

While it does contain leuicine, it is lacking other proven, natural Winstrol ingredients.



As you can see, the best Winstrol product comes in the form of Winsol by Crazy Bulk. As well as the price and free shipping, let’s not forget the brand, the number of satisfied customers and the fact that it contains so many proven ingredients.

As the product is also accompanied by a buy 2 get 1 free policy, this is by far and away the best product in the legal alternatives market for Winstrol.

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