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Most of us have been told for years that diet and exercise are the ONLY ways to keep our bodies lean throughout our lives. Such advice is 100% correct – we need to put the work in, if we are to get that desired beach body.

bodies of men using human growth hormones

However, this is something that comes much easier for some people than it does for others. The main reason for this is the levels of HGH in our body, with this hormone able to increase the efficiency that we build muscle and burn fat.

Some people have higher levels than others but fortunately, it is something that can be manipulated through various lifestyle choices.

Bearing the above in mind, we’ll now take a look to see just how HGH can help us build those bulging muscles we’ve been craving for years.


What is HGH?

hgh structure

HGH isn’t something that some of us have and some of us don’t – it’s a hormone that’s in our bodies from birth.

It is responsible for developing the body, or primarily prompting muscle growth and enhancing our metabolisms, meaning that it is one of the most important components of our make-up as we grow up.

In fact, our levels of HGH are significantly higher during our growing up years.

As teenagers, we have increased levels of HGH in our bodies, to deal with the immense changes we experience during this period. However, following this phase our levels drop, meaning that we can reach a point where it’s difficult to lose weight and gain muscle.


How Does HGH Help You Build Muscle?

couple in a beach - Great bodiesThe last sentence sums up exactly why so many people are attempting to safely boost their levels of HGH.

This is a hormone which can make it much easier for us to lose weight, and add muscle to our body at the same time.

Therefore, when the levels do drop, this starts to become much harder.

If we look at HGH from a scientific perspective it is easy to see why it can prove to be so effective in relation to muscle-building.

It has been known for a number of years that it promotes the synthesis of new protein tissues and as we all know – protein plays a huge part in the development of muscles.

With these added tissues, the muscle recovery process suddenly becomes much quicker, meaning that muscle is built more efficiently. Additionally, these faster recovery timesmeans that it can become easier for you to return to the gym, and ultimately start working out again to enhance the results.


How Can You Increase Your HGH Levels?

Increasing the rate at which the body releases the HGH is by no means simple and unfortunately, there is no magic formula.

What works for one person certainly isn’t guaranteed to work for another, although there are certain issues which can increase the chances of the levels increasing.



workout to increase hgh levels

By sticking to your standard workout you will immediately increase the chances. If you happen to engage in extreme workouts, which consume a lot of energy, the omens are even better.

This is because any form of extreme exercise prompts additional protein synthesis and subsequently generates that HGH.

However, don’t be under the impression that you should be looking to maximise the duration of your workouts to ridiculous levels. Its understood that HGH production will start to level out after the 45 minute mark, meaning that any session beyond this will be rendered pointless.



sleep to increase human growth hormone levels

Training might be important, but so is an adequate amount of rest.

The majority of our HGH is produced when we are asleep, meaning that you should be looking to maximise your pillow time. Ideally, the experts believe that you should be looking for around ten hours of sleep every night to maximise the HGH output.



best hgh boosting supplements

Of course, while solid levels of exercise and rest will increase your HGH production, some people are turning towards more advanced methods.

Over recent years various supplements have come into the market; armed with a concoction of ingredients that can prompt the body to produce more of this hormone.

You will obviously need to continue to exercise appropriately, as even high levels of HGH are not going to produce those lean muscles that we all crave. However, if you can turn towards a product such as GenF20 Plus, it will make your muscle growth much more efficient.


Why is GenF20 Plus Recommended?

Unsurprisingly, there are now a lot of supplements available that are attempting to encourage the production of HGH.

Unfortunately, very few of these happen to be effective, which is why we have placed particular attention on GenF20 Plus.

This is a product which carries numerous advantages over rivals, which we will mull over below.


GenF20 Plus

genf20 plus: the best hgh supplement on the market today

  • Any product which attempts to manipulate the growth of hormones can be risky, which is why a reputable manufacturer is an absolute must. This is the case with GenF20 Plus, with the product developed by the renowned Slimming Ltd.
  • HGH has been associated with muscle growth for years. The ingredients used in GenF20 Plus have been scientifically proven to encourage the production of HGH, meaning that you’ll immediately be able to experience more efficient muscle growth by taking the product.
  • As well as being proven to aid with the production of HGH, the ingredients are also completely safe. Unlike some rival products, GenF20 Plus uses completely natural components, making it risk-free to consume.
  • GenF20 Plus will also allow you to recover from your workouts at record speeds. You will be able to work out much more frequently and ultimately increase the size of your muscles at even faster rates.
  • Some of the success stories are beyond belief. The vast majority of men who have tried this product have lost fat, but experienced considerable muscle growth. For example, one managed to become much leaner, whilst still adding 9lb to his overall weight.
  • The money back guarantee attached with GenF20 Plus is one of the best around. You will be given no fewer than 180 days to try the product, meaning that you don’t have to risk any of your own money as you attempt to boost your muscle size.

Read Our Full GenF20 Plus Review – Or – Buy it Here


Another Product Worth Considering – Somatropinne-HgH

somatropinne hgh

Somatropinne-HgH relies on a proprietary blend of ingredients to increase the delivery of HGH into the body.

The manufacturers have paired the likes of Hawthrone Berry, Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna pruriens and Maca to encourage the body to produce more of HGH – which in turn can make you gain muscle and lose weight at unprecedented rates.

The above components combine to target the pituitary gland, which is usually responsible for the production of HGH.


They are able to make this gland produce larger quantities of HGH, and ultimately make your body “not act its age”. Its common knowledge that as we age, our levels of HGH decrease.

Through the artificial interference of Somatropinne-HgH, these levels are increased and it becomes much easier to build muscle and burn fat.


Additionally, the increase in HGH will provide you with a boost in energy and it goes without saying that this is just going to exaggerate the above issues; with workout sessions becoming longer and your general day-to-day activities being much more beneficial from a calorie-burning perspective.

While it can be possible to experience the above through a doctor-prescribed HGH injection, for obvious reasons the consumption of a basic pill is much easier and can make our weight loss or muscle building goals more manageable.

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