The Pros & Cons of The Human Growth Hormone – Benefits & Side Effects of HGH Boosters

There are certain buzzwords that are associated with the bodybuilding industry, and it would be fair to say that HGH falls into this category.

Human Growth Hormone - Benefits & Side Effects

Short for Human Growth Hormone, this is something that can stimulate your cells into reproducing and regenerating. Clearly, this is key for those of us who want to take our bodies for the next level. It’s something that can help us lose body fat, gain muscle and even make us look younger.

Following on from the above, it might seem as though HGH is almost the perfect chemical. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. Firstly, it’s illegal to use without obtaining a prescription – but this is just the tip of the iceberg. We will now take a look at this hormone in-detail through the course of this guide.



What is HGH?

hgh booster mollecule

Before we get into the specific pros and cons that are associated with HGH, let’s take a look at what it is specifically.

We’ve already defined that it’s Human Growth Hormone, and how it can reproduce and regenerate cells. However, what we failed to mention in the opening to this guide is that this is a hormone which decreases as we age. This is quite a significant fact and means that it’s much harder for older people to have more muscle, and less fat. It’s one of the reasons why older people tend to start developing bellies through their advanced years.

If we turn to HGH from a sporting perspective, it probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that it can have no-end of benefits for athletes due to the way in which it can transform your body. At the same time, it’s for this reason that many sporting organizations around the world have opted to completely ban the use of it.

So, how exactly does HGH work? If we look at the obvious muscle gaining and fat loss benefits to start with, it’s a hormone which encourages protein synthesis. As we all know, this is key to building muscle and the more protein synthesis that occurs in the human body, the more muscle that is built. From a fat loss perspective, HGH promotes lipolysis and this means that it’s a lot easier to shake off those dreaded pounds.

Those people who are looking to reap the bodybuilding effects of HGH tend to take bigger dosages. If you are just in the market to look a bit younger meanwhile, the dosage can be smaller.


What are the benefits of HGH?

benefits of HGH

In truth, we have covered a lot of benefits of HGH in the previous section. If we turn away from the muscle building and fat loss principle momentarily, there are several “indirect” benefits that we could look at.

It has been found that HGH can promote higher energy levels, meaning that you can hit the gym with more intensity. Not only that, the fact that it aids with cell regeneration means that you should recover much faster after working out as well (so you can hit the gym the following day!).

Studies have also shown that it can provide you with higher libido, better sleep, improved cognitive function, better moods and even to guard against erectile dysfunction.

As you can see, the benefits are certainly varied and this is one of the reasons why HGH is something which is the subject of so much attention from so many quarters.


What are the side effects of HGH?

side effects of HGH

Unfortunately, like with a lot of topics that relate to hormone boosting, HGH is by no means perfect. If you abuse this hormone, you can be subject to side effects.

It’s worth mentioning that these side effects only tend to occur if you physically inject HGH into your body. This means that if you increase the levels of it via any other approach (one of which we will come onto in the next section) you are unlikely to suffer any such side effects and will only reap the benefits.

When we talk about these side effects, they are again extremely varied in nature.

For example, one of the side effects comes in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome. This can occur for the simple reason that your wrist has developed more muscle, and you therefore start to develop the infamous itching and weakness in your hands. This actually happens to be one of the most common side effects during the early period of using HGH.

Something that is more serious is hypertension (or high blood pressure). HGH will help your body retain water and sodium and this causes some people to suffer from high blood pressure. Clearly, this can lead to more significant problems, with heart attacks and strokes falling into said category.

A lot of people taking HGH will notice that they become much more tired as well. This should hardly come as a surprise; the basis of HGH is for your cells to regenerate so this means that your body is going to become more tired as this process gets underway.

In truth, we could hone in on umpteen other types of side effects, although the ones that have just been discussed are by far and away the most serious. Other that can also occur are joint and muscle pain, swelling, the enlargement of body parts like your hand, feet or nose and even an increased risk of diabetes. Fortunately, these side effects tend to be less common though.


What are the best natural HGH supplements?

natural HGH supplements

One sentence should have stood out like a sore thumb in the previous section; side effects only occur if you inject HGH into your body.

This means that the market for non-injectable supplements is huge. Another reason behind the size of this market is because HGH is illegal – so people need another way of obtaining it.

These “other ways” come in the form of natural supplementation. They are formed from a completely natural concoction of ingredients and pose no risk to the body in the slightest. Instead, they just offer the standard HGH benefits that a lot of bodybuilders have become accustomed to.

So, what are the market leading products of this ilk? It’s at this point that we take a look at GenF20 Plus, and you can check out our detailed article about the best hgh supplements and why we chose Genf20 plus as the market leader.

GenF20 Plus is the most popular HGH supplement on the market and has been for a number of years. As is the case with all of their products, the merchant has invested a lot of time in perfecting the exact blend of natural ingredients that will boost HGH completely naturally. These ingredients refer to the likes of Maca, Hawthorn Berry, diaminomethylidene amino and Mucuna pruriens. All of these have bene scientifically proven to increase muscle mass and help your body shed fat.

Sure, some might say that they are priced a little expensively and it’s not possible to buy from the high-street. In the grand scheme of things, these “drawbacks” are acceptable though.

Again, please check our article on building muscle using hgh supplements; or you can read our full review of GenF20 Plus.

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